DHS Quarterly Updates - Army Technology
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DHS Quarterly Updates

A quarterly update from DHS.

DRASH 5-ton Environmental Control Unit and Skid Cart puts the 'cool' in the Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System - http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage2.html

North Carolina National Guard uses DRASH equipment during a Joint Task Force mission for the DNC - http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage3.html

NY State Fair Army recruiting efforts take place in a TMSS Medium- http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage16.html

DRASH at home with the Army football team- http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage13.html

DHS shows support for the National Guard by participating in Panther Racing - http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage14.html

German 10th Army Air & Missile Defense Command deployed its new tactical operations center- http://www.dhssystemsllc.com/news/fall2012/newspage9.html

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