Northrop Grumman Partners with DHS Technologies on $240 Million Contract for High-Mobility Command Posts

Military contracting companies Northrop Grumman Corporation and Rockland County, NY based DHS Technologies have recently been awarded a $240 million contract to provide medium and large, high-mobility tactical operations centers that can be rapidly deployed for command, control and communications on the battlefield.

Under the Army's standardized integrated command post systems (SICPS) family of trailer mounted support system (TMSS) contract, Northrop Grumman and DHS Technologies' subsidiary DHS Systems will produce, integrate and deliver suites of shelters and trailers, complete with climate control and power for lighting, computers and large screen displays as mobile command posts. The systems are being fielded to all US Army maneuver brigade combat teams, including units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The SICPS / TMSS Medium and large command posts will use the deployable rapid assembly shelters (DRASH) manufactured by DHS Systems. Please download this free white paper to find out more.

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