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Rotary Systems is the innovative leader for designing and manufacturing standard and customized rotary unions and electrical slip rings. Operating just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rotary Systems has worked with customers around the world for over 20 years in the rotary union and slip ring markets. To date Rotary Systems has provided products for industries including defense, radar, armored vehicles, government nuclear, and heavy equipment.

Rotary union and slip ring projects for the US Army

Rotary Systems designed a combined hydraulic rotary union – slip ring assembly manufactured for the mine-resistant maintenance and recovery vehicle, part of the RG33 series of armored utility variants. The vehicle offers more volume under-armor than any other mine-protected vehicle for greater survivability against mines and improvised explosive devices. This particular vehicle’s function is to provide heavy cover for two operators while working on the recovery of other vehicles in combat situations.

Rotary Systems also designed a two-passage rotary union providing hydraulics to the Stryker, an armored vehicle with a 105mm rotating cannon. Part of the mobile gun system, the low-profile turret operates with a remote weapon system. The Stryker is capable of reaching speeds up to 60mph and is designed for shoot-on-the-move tactics.

Custom and standard rotary unions

Rotary Systems offers customized solutions for specialized applications along with modifications of standard designs. To date, Rotary Systems has custom-built over 1,000 unique rotating unions with diverse technologies such as mechanical seals, Teflon seals and hydrostatic seals, in addition to the standard single passage and multiple passage unions.

Rotary Systems designed a two-passage rotary union for the Stryker armored vehicle.<br /><br />
Image: Machine-Design Magazine
Rotary Systems designed a combined hydraulic rotary union - slip ring assembly for the Armored Utility Variant.<br /><br />
Image: BAE Systems
Rotary Systems designed a lightweight two-passage rotary union for the Armed Robotic Vehicle, providing soldiers with surveillance and firepower prior to their arrival on site.<br /><br />(Image: US Army)

Offering personalized solutions for every vision is Rotary Systems’ solution to the uses and demands of rotary unions that need to vary in size, weight, material types, and applications. Rotary Systems has been a part of manufacturing rotary unions ranging from 20oz to 2 tons and incorporating materials from aluminum to hastelloy in addition to numerous seal and passage options. Our rotary unions are also available with an electrical slip ring option to transfer power, signal, or data with one complete assembly.

Custom and standard slip rings

Similar to our rotary unions, Rotary Systems has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of slip rings for all applications and industries. Sizes can range from miniature slip ring capsules to large separates, along with assemblies including hundreds of circuits.

Rotary Systems first broke into the slip ring market over 12 years ago to complement its rotary unions, and was the first company globally to offer both rotary unions and slip rings as a single source for integrated assembly. Due to high demand in 2009, Rotary Systems began manufacturing and added standard slip ring options to its product line, still maintaining its presence as the premiere company for both rotary unions and slip rings. These standard options include sealed, capsule, packaged, and industrial slip rings along with separate parts for design.

About Rotary Systems

Rotary Systems has established itself globally as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom rotating unions and slip rings. Always striving to satisfy its clients’ requests, Rotary Systems became the first company to begin manufacturing slip rings to complement its customized rotary unions for clients requiring both components. Engineers around the world have counted on our 80-plus years of combined engineering expertise to turn their rotary union and slip ring visions into a reality.

Our staff has never turned down a challenge or failed to meet the toughest, most stringent demands and needs of our customers. From our skilled engineers, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, operating with the latest 3D CAD/CAM technology, incredible depth of knowledge, to our active database of 2,500 clients around the world, it’s no coincidence that Rotary Systems has established itself as the innovative leader in the rotary union and slip ring markets.

To find out how a seasoned ISO-9001 certified manufacturer in the rotary union and slip ring markets could help you and your business, or to make an enquiry, please use the contact information below.

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