Over the last 20 years, DC-Supply has built camp facilities for Nato military operations in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East and for the US defence forces in Iraq. The variety of jobs we have carried out has made us experts in projects for military use. Every time it starts a new project, DC-Supply always focuses on creating customised, high-quality solutions for the client.

We have extensive experience of building compounds with accommodation and leisure activity modules, command centres, as well as various special modules. Our R&D department uses ISO steel containers or prefab modules when developing new solutions in close consultation with the customer.

Custom-designed ISO containers

DC-Supply specialises in custom-designed solutions for a variety of uses. One of the more memorable products our R&D department designed was a specially fitted kennel container for the Danish defence mission in Afghanistan. It had room for six dogs in separate boxes and outdoor perimeter fencing. The container was designed to be gas-proof, with sealed maritime bulkhead doors and access hatches to the dog pen. Another specialist project is a communications centre, consisting of one or more three-in-one expanding containers, each of which provides more than 32m² of floor space.

Accommodation units for the defence industry

During the Iraq war, we supplied 5,000 accommodation units to the American defence forces. The modules were completely fitted out inside and ready for use. Another major customer is Nato, for which we supplied ready-to-use camps when the Balkan campaign started, including containers with canteens, accommodation and welfare areas.

MCM control container for mine clearance.
Kennel container based on a 20in ISO container fitted out with individual boxes for dogs.
Communications container: a specially built three-in-one container optimised and developed to create a large, flexible working space.
When the Danish Fennec helicopters serving in Afghanistan are not airborne, they are housed in mobile hangars supplied by DC-Supply.
Accommodation and compounds consisting of fully-furnished containers, ready for occupation.

Specialised containers for mine clearance

DC-Supply has developed and produced containers for Danish navy ships serving as part of the Nato force in the Gulf of Aden. Specialised MCM diver and control containers have been supplied to navy ships for mine clearance. They are constructed of materials approved by the Danish Maritime Authority (wheel mark certification).

Containers for extreme environments

DC-Supply has expert knowledge in the manufacture of containers for extreme environments, such as desert and arctic conditions, which are able to withstand temperatures ranging from -45°C to 65°C. Products for such extreme and sometimes violent environments have enabled us to build up experiences of projects under difficult conditions.