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Holdfast Systems

Blast and Fragmentation Protective Equipment

55 Leo Street,
South Africa

Holdfast Systems utilise five years of development and research in Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) equipment to produce ballistic protection solutions.


We work with the officers and operators at the front line of EOD and IEDD, and convert this valuable experience into practical body armour solutions that are reliable and feasible, to meet the high expectations of our end users.


Holdfast Systems have become part of a joint venture hosted by Swiss Protection Systems to develop the latest in EOD and IEDD suit technology, the culmination of which is the SPS-3 EOD suit. This is being marketed and demonstrated to EOD teams and bomb disposal squads all over the world.

The SPS-3 suit makes use of light high-performance materials, which give the user a level of comfort previously unknown in this field, as well as improved flexibility within the ensemble.

A further development for this EOD system is a re-engineered helmet with a modified Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) accommodation system.


Over the past seven years, we have worked in conjunction with several humanitarian de-mining projects (including the UN’s), to develop protective equipment for their de-mining operators. This equipment must be lightweight and rugged whilst offering enough protection to save an operator from the detonation of an Anti-Personal (AP) mine.

All of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) developed by Holdfast has been thoroughly evaluated for its performance in accordance with current regulations.


With the ever-increasing threat of terrorist attacks, far more consideration has to be taken over what can be done when a potential explosive device is discovered and authorities are still en route. We have developed the Bomb Suppression Blanket (BSB), a first-response solution, to meet this requirement.

This system makes use of a safety circle around the identified object which is covered by the BSB, dramatically reducing the device’s blast radius. It is not designed to contain the blast but merely to redirect its impetus and drastically reduce its impact ability. This comprises a cost-effective solution enabling various public facilities to save lives and limit the potential damage of a bomb attack.


Holdfast Systems have also developed a robust search suit. This protective suit offers a high level of blast and fragmentation protection, which still allows for maximum movement and extended time of operation. Our latest incorporation is to include the maximum level of NBC protection within the search suit. This means that a fully sealed suit with independent filtered or compressed air supply is worn in conjunction with a modified search suit.

We take great care and pride in the products we develop. Our rigorous tests and research ensures that effective, affordable protection reaches those whom need it most.


Another advantage of Holdfast Systems’ design approach is that we implement our own extensive testing. This includes our own ballistics range with an accurate fragmentation simulation facility. Our range is recognised worldwide as a facility where ballistics can be measured with precision.


Fragmentation protection is only part of a successful formula for saving lives, so we also run an extensive blast-testing programme. This program utilises a highly sophisticated purpose-built blast test mannequin, which allows us to measure the effects of an explosion on a person wearing our equipment.

The dummy is designed to resemble human proportions and reactions as accurately as possible. It is by utilising this combined research and technology that we achieve the means to create the quality blast-protection products included in our range today. Our customers can be assured that we have tried, tested, evaluated, improved and approved each system.

Holdfast Systems Pty Ltd

55 Leo Street



South Africa