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Logistics Vehicles, Tactical Vehicles and Armored Wheeled Vehicles

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Renault Trucks Defense has developed a completely new range of armoured, tactical and logistic wheeled vehicles in the last five years to meet the needs of worldwide armed forces, whenever, wherever and whatever the mission.


Renault Trucks Defense offers a complete range of medium armoured vehicles (15-25 tonnes) and drivelines for heavier combat vehicles (up to 32 tonnes).

VAB Mk2: the VAB Mark II was launched at Eurosatory 2010 as a successor to the famous and “combat proven” VAB already operational in more than 15 countries (5000 units). The VAB Mark II is as robust and reliable as the VAB but its capacities are far superior: more power (320 hp engine), more internal volume and payload, better situational awareness, more protection (ballistic kit up to NATO level 4 + mines and IEDs kits).

The VAB Mark II is ideally suited for combat and peace keeping missions with the capacity to transport up to 2+10 soldiers. Several 6×6 and 4×4 variants from 15 to 18 tonnes are adaptable to any customer’s specific need: ambulance, command post, weapon systems carrier.

The Renault Trucks Defense logistics vehicles range insures the logistics transportation of charges from 3t to 20t (trucks) and from 19t to 60t (tractors).
The Renault Sherpa tactical truck range insures the transport of charges from 2t to 20t even in the most hostile environmental conditions.
The VAB wheeled armored fighting vehicle has proven combat experience and is equipped by 15 countries.
Renault Trucks Defense is the co-contractor (with Giat Industries) for mobility performances and driveline of VBCI.
Renault Trucks Defense provides maintenance in operational conditions for vehicles in service.

MRAP: Combining the excellent off-road mobility of the Sherpa Medium 6×6 tactical truck and an heavily protected V-shaped armoured cab (ballistic, mine and IED), Renault Trucks Defense’s 20 tonnes MRAP is ideally suited for tactical missions such as troop transport in asymmetric combat areas. Its large internal volume and payload accommodates up to 12 soldiers with their equipments.

AMC: the Armoured Multirole Carrier is the next medium armoured vehicle (22 tonnes) for armed forces engaged in the most demanding and changing environments thanks to an excellent strategic and tactical mobility, a high level of protection (ballistic, mine, IED and RPG kits) and a large payload and internal volume to accommodate up to 11 soldiers with their equipments or any mission system.

The AMC is a fully multirole and evolutive vehicle with a whole family of 6×6 and 8×8 variants planned: armored personnel carrier, infantry combat vehicle, scout, command post, ambulance, weapon systems carrier (such as mortar and missiles), artillery observation, NBC, mine clearing.

VBCI 8×8 driveline: Renault Trucks Defense is the co-contractor (with Nexter) of the VBCI infantry combat vehicle in production for the French army at 630 units since 2008. Renault Trucks Defense provides the complete driveline of the 25-32 tonnes vehicle.


The SHERPA LIGHT family of 4×4 tactical and light armoured vehicles has been designed to meet the needs of light forces (infantry, paratroopers, marines, internal security) in terms of all-terrain mobility, payload and protection. The previous Sherpa 2 and Sherpa 3 designations are no longer used as the range has been rebranded “SHERPA LIGHT”.

The SHERPA LIGHT distinctive features include a huge payload (up to 4,5 tonnes), a high ground clearance (0,6 meters), a 215 hp engine with a huge torque as well as high angles of approach and departure. In addition to its outstanding on and off-road performances, the SHERPA LIGHT is fully air transportable (A400M and C-130), multirole and ready for being up-armoured (ballistic, mine and IED kits) without losing mobility. Six variants from 7,9 to 10,9 tonnes are currently marketed : SHERPA LIGHT SCOUT: with a crew of 4 to 5 soldiers, the Scout is ideally suited for tactical missions such as patrol, liaison and command, escort or recce. The Scout is available with unarmoured and armoured cabs.

SHERPA LIGHT CARRIER: with a payload of up to 4,5 tonnes, the Carrier is ideally suited for logistic missions such as transporting a 10 feet shelter. The Carrier is available with unarmoured and armoured cabs.

SHERPA LIGHT SF/H: with an open top and a semi protected cab for 4 to 5 soldiers, the Special Forces / Heavy is ideally suited for long range patrols and fast attacks.

SHERPA LIGHT HI: with a crew of 4 to 5 and a high level of protection (ballistic, mine and IED kits), the High Intensity is ideally suited for offensive scouting, counterinsurgency missions and convoy escort in asymmetric environments.

SHERPA LIGHT SW: with a long and fully protected cab for 4 to 5 soldiers, the Station Wagon is ideally suited for carrying mission or weapon systems.

SHERPA LIGHT APC: with a fully protected cab for up to 10 soldiers, the Armoured Personnel Carrier is ideally suited for internal security or troop transport missions.

The SHERPA LIGHT has been ordered by Nato, France and other countries.


The SHERPA MEDIUM family of 6×6 and 4×4 tactical trucks provides outstanding strategic and tactical mobility to military units operating in extreme conditions worldwide. They are fully airtransportable by C-130 and fitted for a protected cab (ballistic and mine kits) and a self defence weapon system. Several variants with different wheelbases are adaptable to any operator’s need: cargo, shelters (10 to 20 feet), troop transport, tanker, wrecker, weapon system carrier, MRAP… The two main variants of the SHERPA MEDIUM are:

SHERPA 5: 6 to 7 tonnes of payload. 6×6 or 4×4 configuration.

SHERPA 10: 10 to 12 tonnes of payload. 6×6 configuration.

The heavier Sherpa 15 (6×6) and Sherpa 20 (8×8) are no longer marketed. The SHERPA MEDIUM is operational in the French army as an ammunition carrier (including some with armoured cabs) and as the chassis of the Nexter CAESAR 155 mm self propelled howitzer.


The KERAX family of militarized rigid and tractor trucks is based on commercial vehicles which are adapted to the specific needs of armed forces. They benefit from the low lifecycle costs of commercial vehicles and are ideally suited for logistic missions with huge payloads capacities and a large range of bodies: cargo, troop transport, fuel/water tanks, dump, load handling system (LHS), shelters, recovery system, weapon systems carrier.

The KERAX may also be modified at a larger extent for tactical missions with improved off-road mobility, tactical air transport capacities or an armoured cab (ballistic and mine protection). The main military variants of the KERAX are:

KERAX 6×6 / 4×4: rigid (9,6 to 14,6 tonnes of payload) or tractor.

KERAX 8×4 / 8×8 rigid: up to 23-24 tonnes of payload.

KERAX 8×8 recovery: equipped with a specific recovery system.

KERAX 8×8 “Heavy Duty” (tractor): heavy equipment / tank transporter with a gross combined vehicle weight of 120 tonnes.

More than 900 militarized KERAX are operated worldwide including more than 400 in the French armed forces.


Renault Trucks Defense offers a complete range of maintenance, support, training and logistic services to its customers allowing them to operate their fleets whenever, wherever and whatever the mission. Renault Trucks Defense benefits from the Volvo logistic global network (more than 1,500 service centers).

Press Releases

  • Renault Trucks Defense Integrates the PILARw System on the VAB TOP

    Renault Trucks Defense will equip 80 units of VAB TOP with the gun shot detection system PILARw, supplied by 01Db-Metravib. This system will be coupled to the remote weapon system Kongsberg. This additional equipment, providing additional crew protection and improving overall response c

  • Renault Trucks Defense Receives New Orders from Indonesia

    Renault Trucks Defense has signed two contracts with PT PINDAD (Persero) to supply vehicles of the type Sherpa Light Scout and powerpacks kits fitted on the Panser, for the needs of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Renault Trucks Defense will provide to PT Pindad, a state Indonesian company

  • Renault Trucks Defense Committed to South African Government Objectives

    Belonging to the AB Volvo Group, Renault Trucks Defense, designs, manufactures and commercialises a wide range of military vehicles to meet the needs of worldwide armed forces, whenever, wherever and whatever the mission. Historically known as a worldwide player through its success in t

  • 90 Armoured Cabs GBC Confirmed to Renault Trucks Defense

    The “Delegation Generale pour l’Armement” confirms to Renault Trucks Defense an order of 90 armoured cabins to equip the vehicles “GBC ADR” of the Sherpa family. Following the order of 32 armoured cabs “GBC ADR” during the summer 2008 and 20 armoured cabs Kerax in last December, this ne

  • Major Contract Notified to Renault Trucks Defense

    On 6 January the Ministry of Defence of Chad notified Renault Trucks Defense of a contract of 52 units of Kerax 6×6, in a rigid version equipped with fuel tank and flatbed, a tractor version equipped with tank semi-trailer and a wrecking version. The vehicles will be manufactured a

  • NAMSA : New Contracts for Renault Trucks Defense

    Renault Trucks Defense has just signed two contracts with NATO’s logistic support agency, NAMSA. These contracts concern the supply of several tens of vehicles type Kerax in 4x4 or 6x6 version and a few tens of equipments.

  • ACMAT Becomes a Renault Trucks Subsidiary

    Renault Trucks acquires the Saint-Nazaire based specialist in military vehicles, ACMAT. The acquisition contract formalising Renault Trucks’ takeover of ACMAT was signed in Lyon on May 16th 2006. Through the deal, ACMAT becomes a 100% Renault Trucks-owned subsidiary. Mo


  • Scarabee Light Armoured Vehicle

    Scarabee is a new 4x4 light armoured vehicle developed by Arquus, a French land defence systems producer. It will be used for reconnaissance, scouting and support missions.

  • Caesar 155mm Artillery System

    The Caesar artillery system is in service with several countries including France, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

  • Arquus Sabre Special Forces Vehicle

    Sabre is a light tactical vehicle manufactured by French land defence systems producer Arquus to meet the requirements of special forces. It is a member of Arquus’ special forces and counter terrorism vehicles range which also includes Areg, Torpedo and Patsas.

  • Arquus Trapper VT4 Light Vehicle

    Arquus Trapper VT4 is a military personnel carrier that is capable of performing cargo transport, patrol, command, and liaison missions.

  • Arquus Trigger Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

    Arquus Trigger is a new 4x4 light tactical vehicle (LTV) designed and manufactured by French land defence systems manufacturer Arquus Defense (formerly Renault Trucks Defense).

  • Dagger Light-Armoured Vehicle

    Dagger is a 4x4 light armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by French defence solutions provider Arquus Defense (formerly Renault Trucks Defense).

  • Sherpa Light Special Forces Vehicle

    The Sherpa Light Special Forces vehicle is a 4x4 all-terrain light attack vehicle (LTV) designed to serve the mission needs of the special forces units.

  • VAB Mk3 6x6 Medium Armoured Vehicle

    Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé MARK 3 (VAB Mk3), a new 6x6 medium wheeled armoured vehicle developed by Renault Trucks Defense, provides armed forces with high-level protection and multi-mission capabilities.

  • TUPI 4x4 Light Armoured Vehicle

    Avibras and Renault Trucks Defense jointly developed the TUPI 4x4 light armoured vehicle for the Brazilian Army. The vehicle is an ideal platform for tactical missions such as patrol, convoy escort, troop transport, command and control, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

  • ATOM Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

    The ATOM is a heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) jointly developed by JSC Central Research Institute Burevestnik (a division of Uralvagonzavod) of Russia and Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) of France.

Renault Trucks Defense
15 bis, allée des marronniers
CS 30502
78008 VERSAILLES Cedex