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Transparent Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Products

Allplast BV is a specialist provider of plastic processing solutions, with products such as bullet-proof laminates, antiballistic visors and shields for the homeland security and army industry.

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Allplast BV is a specialist provider of plastic processing solutions, with products such as bullet-proof laminates, antiballistic visors and shields for the homeland security and army industry.

Allplast is a development and production company with production and processing techniques expertise in the fields of bullet resistant laminates / plastics, personal safety products and composite materials.

Allplast delivers durable high end products to the homeland security, defence and civilian industry. Their production is based on transparent polymers, PE tapes, glass and carbon fibres with techniques such as RTM, hand lay-up and autoclave usage.

For the Dutch Ministry of Defence, product innovations will be delivered for thinner and lighter bullet resistant laminates specifically for army vehicles / warships. Together with Sabic and Arkema, newly developed polymers will be introduced, in combination with the specific knowledge from scientific research centres TNO (laboratories of ballistic research) and the Technical University of Eindhoven (Faculty of Polymer Research).

Allplast's range of ballistic laminates (polymers) have proven to be highly resistant against burglary and forced access attempts.
Ballistic visors at BR-4 / NIJ3A level provide protection against ballistic forces such as bullets.
Our BR2 (full polymer) armoured bullet resistant visors protect against chemical splashes, impact and fragmentations in riot conditions.
Limited fracture damage by use of polymers.
Allplast's thermal imager is an optical radar system with a day and night time tracking camera observation system for middle range and long-range distances.
The flat design of the Shield Plate increases the ballistic performance and
prevents deformation during mechanical stress.

In particular, innovative developments and processes include:

  • Application of lighter and improved material
  • Use of advanced plastics and fibre reinforced composites
  • Further improved protection against many ballistic threats
  • Thermoplastic fibres (e.g. based on PE and PP)
  • Innovative combinations of materials in laminates (2D and 3D)

Transparent bullet resistant materials and applications

Plastics are a prominent area within our transparent ballistics and bullet-proof products.

Allplast’s latest innovations feature the development of flat and curved bullet-proof materials and applications including:

  • Seculam bullet resistant laminates against EN 1063 standard and STANAG EN 4596 II and III protection levels
  • Burglar proof laminates (PB 6, PB 7 and PB 8)
  • Products for personal protection, such as visors (BR 4 protection level)
  • Special laminates developed for buildings and prisons (bullet proof and ‘break out’ features all in one)

Allplast has produced and supplies their Seculam glazing to:

  • Petrol stations
  • Vending machines
  • Cash machines / transportation vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Prisons / embassies
  • Special surveillance and patrol vehicles
  • Bomb disposal service (EOD) vehicles

Bullet-resistant laminates for military use

In standard STANAG EN 4569 we offer bullet-proof glazing for application in heavy military vehicles or warships like frigates.

These laminates are especially developed to offer protection against heavy military fire weapon ammunition under extreme circumstances. Within this class we offer the protection levels I to level III.

Contrary to many suppliers in this market segment, Allplast works with less glass layers in its transparent bullet resistant laminates. This benefits a lower weight and therefore improves the pay load of the vehicle.

Furthermore, Allplast laminate techniques guarantee an optimal durability against delamination and anti-aging effects.

In addition to these deliverables, an improved vision / transparency after impacts can be offered with plastic laminated components.

Less spall and / or glass splinters in the front windscreen can guarantee a ‘non-stop’ transportation from army trucks more effectively when transporting heavy loads like tanks or missiles.

Army trucks can easily be hit by bullets / salvo’s in ambush situations. A standstill of the army vehicle caused by a cracked and splintered windshield would be disastrous.

It has a very high-resistance against breaking, is suitable for the most durable burglar proof applications and is lightweight, reasonably thin and scratch resistant. It does not require specialised maintenance and is available in permanently insulated versions.

Ballistic visors for total facial protection for police team and military purposes

Allplast’s ballistic visors are laminated from various transparent plastics and are designed for total facial protection against various ballistic impacts.

Visors offer bullet protection ranging from .22, .44 Magnum and .356 Magnum (coned bullet), according to the EN1063 standard. They are used by arrest teams, police corps and military services.

Allplast is a specialist in this area and our visors have been widely approved, being easily mountable onto every helmet.

Allplast’s bullet resistant visors can be treated with durable and certified anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. Visors can be produced in minimum quantities of five pcs per delivery after receiving drawings of 1:1 models / prototypes. Production in clean room.

Bullet-resistant shields (curved) and protection plates

Personal safety products from composites (non-transparent) belong to the latest innovations of Allplast. It entails the development and production of 2D and 3D formed products such as ballistic police shields and armour plates.

Allplast applies thermoplastics such as PE / PP and carbon fibre reinforced composites. All products are produced on autoclaves (10-15Bar) to prevent air bubble inclusions and optimise the product quality.

Robust tactical shields for riot police squads

Allplast has developed and currently produces a NIJ 3A Tactical Shield after consultation of different police and intervention teams in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It has been certified by TNO Ballistic Laboratories.

The bullet-resistant shield is lightweight, can be used practically and is quickly deployable in arrests and team interventions.

The composite fibre materials offer very high bullet and ballistic protection despite its low specific weight. The ballistic performance will show improvement due to the tactical shield’s curved design.

The shield features an innovative hand grip to ease its use, in static positions and combat situations. It guarantees a high ´stop value´ of bullets and fragments. The shield hardly deforms at a bullet impact due to an increased level of stiffness; the torsional rigidity is highly appreciated.

Benefits include a 25% weight reduction, tailoring for sizes and finishing, and an integrated viewport.

Lightweight ballistic shields plates

Allplast has also developed shield plates (rectanglular or square shaped) at AK 47:7.62mm x 39mm (FM/PB/SC/NATO) ballistic level. It is to be expected that a AK-47 SC Police / Military police shield will be launched at short notice.

This after consultation of specialists with practical combat experience. The specific weight is 13.8kg/m².

The Allplast AK-47 shield plate can also be integrated into RIBH boats to protect military troopers when going on shore or release a hijacked ship taken by terrorists. A full hydraulic system to elevate the AK-47 shield plates can be delivered, installed and prove fully operational in place by Allplast’s certified partners.

Carbon housing for thermal camera systems (frigates, tanks and aircraft carriers)

The Albatross thermal imager from Thales has been the option of many NATO member states and is recognised as a very high-tech product. Its optical radar system with a day and night camera tracking observation system enables the accurate detection and interception of ‘incoming projectiles’, from the shore or actual naval ship.

The carbon fibre housing made by Allplast is extremely lightweight and not affected by temperature changes. It also protects all of the ‘internal electronics’ from corrosion and rust, being very stiff, strong and EMI shielded.

Maintenance after installment is not required and therefore very cost efficient. Experience, craftsmanship input and each step of the production process is accurately documented. Gas pressure and a liquid test will be carried out as one of the QC steps. From every unit delivered, a logbook is carefully filed.

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