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Body Armour, Stab Vests, Ballistic Plates, Covert Vehicle Armour and Helmets

Byford Road,,
Leicester LE4 0DG,
United Kingdom

Byford Road,,
Leicester LE4 0DG,
United Kingdom

Fortis® Armour specialise in the manufacture of personal protection products including body armour, stab vests, bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, ballistic blankets and ballistic protection equipment. All products carry internationally recognised certification.

Fortis Armour is part of TW Kempton (Corporate Clothing) who specialise in military, police, uniform and corporate clothing, supplying customers worldwide and are accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

Fortis Armour protects against bullet, shrapnel and glass fragments, knife, spike and needle attack, as well as providing blunt trauma protection, all in a single vest.

  • Area of full protection extends over whole armour, edge to edge
  • Protection against multiple/automatic fire from sub-machine guns
  • Totally impervious to water – provides full protection even when exposed over long periods to seawater, freshwater, spray, moisture or humidity

Covert or concealable body armour

Available as a ballistic vest or as a stab / spike-resistant vest, lightweight covert body armour provides front, back and side protection with adjustment at the shoulder and sides. It can also be supplied with a plate pocket at the front and the back to allow for hard armour insert plates (HAP).

Overt body armour

Overt body armour is available as a ballistic vest or as a stab / spike resistant vest. The carrier can be a zip front style or a tabard (over the head). Both styles provide front, back and side protection with adjustment at the shoulder and sides. The tabard style gives additional over-the-shoulder protection and greater side coverage, and can also be supplied with a plate pocket front and back to take a hard-armour insert plate (HAP) to upgrade protection to Level IV.

Military body armour

Our military body armour can be supplied with additional protection – bicep, groin, collar/throat, with  side plate pocket options available. Our armour can be supplied with molle system webbing.  It is used by standard military units and special forces operatives. All our armour is waterproof for life.

Armour insert plates

Insert plates are designed to work in conjunction with soft armour plates (SAP). The bullet is decelerated, fragmented and deformed by the insert plate and any fragments are captured in the soft armour behind the plate.

Ceramic armour insert plates

Our ceramic insert plates , thin and competitively priced , are made from compressed alumina ceramic powders formed into a monolithic tile, with a composite backing of GRP or aramid composite to give structural strength and a multi-hit capability. They provide protection against different high level threats, up to armour-piercing ammunition of 7.62 x 63 mm calibre, and offer a multi-strike capability, giving excellent protection up to and including Level IV.

  • Shape – 3-D
  • Size – 250mm x 300mm (10in x 12in)
  • Ceramic aluminium oxide
  • Backing – aramid
  • Weight – 2.1kg
  • Thickness – 8.0 mm, 15 %

Ballistic helmets

Lightweight PASGT helmets are available incorporating new materials technology to enhance performance and reduce weight. The materials and processes have been altered to increase the content of ballistic material without increasing the weight so that the helmets are not only lighter than their military counterparts, but are able to defeat a wider range of bullets up to NIJ IIIA.

Vehicle protection

Our generic covert armour protection system is a fully transportable vehicle protection system offering covert protection to a range of sedans and 4×4’s comprising of:

  • Door panels with hard armour insert plate. Incorporating easy and rapid deployment to alternative vehicles. Can be used as shields in ‘hot extraction’ situation
  • Seat covers with long train providing protection against underfloor blast and shrapnel. Can be used as stretchers and carried by two or four persons
  • Head protection
  • Supplied in two mission bags which can be transported in the trunk of the sedan when not in use

Protection levels are as follows:

  • 7.62 x 54R: AP (Dragunov and PKM GPMG) – 830m/s
  • 7.62 x 51: AP (P&O) – 840m/s
  • 7.62 x 51: NATO ball – 838m/s
  • 7.62 x 39: Chinese API – 710m/s
  • 30.06 L AP – 878m/s
  • 5.56 x 45: Ball (SS109/M855) – 942m/s
  • 12gg – Solid lead slug – 473m/s

Specifications include:

  • Weight – 90kg per set
  • Fitting / transfer time – ten minutes by two people

Fortis Armour

Byford Road,

Leicester LE4 0DG



United Kingdom