ST Electronics (Info-Security)

ST Electronics (Info-Security) provides comprehensive cyber security capabilities. We design, build and operate cyber security operation centres for commercial and government clients.

Our solutions are supported by in-house advanced digital authentication, info-assurance, SCADA protection and digital steganography products. Our professional cyber-security team ensures critical infrastructures are secured, protected and responsive in dealing with cyber threats to both operational and information technology.

Additionally we offer state-of-the-art cyber security training through our DigiSAFE Cyber Security Centre to strengthen and enhance the operational competencies of cyber security professionals in response to real-life cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

Organisations are connected in today’s business world to stay competitive. The demand for information access on the go is increasing as employees drive towards mobility.

The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 500 is an ideal choice for office cyber security.
The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 30 is designed to be used as a security gateway of office corporate LANs, mobile vehicles and wireless inter-office networking.
The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 10 protects streaming video surveillance.
The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 10E, a variation of the NetCrypt 10, can operate at an extended temperature range.
The DigiSAFE BigBouncer VPN suite provides cyber security over remote internet and intranet networks.
The DigiSAFE DiskCrypt is manufactured to provide hard-disk encryption protection for notebooks.
The DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile is a cyber security solution for smartphone and tablets.
The DigiSAFE DeskCrypt is designed to provide security for office workstations.
The DigiSAFE KeyCrypt is a multi-functional USB token that provides logical access control.

Consequently there is a need to ensure that access to information and the ability to stay connected on the move is secure and trusted.

IP layer encyrptors for wireless networks

The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 500 is an IP layer encryptor that is ideal for deployment as a security gateway in corporate locat area networks (LANs), site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) and wireless inter-office connectivities.

IP encyrptors for security

The DigiSAFE NetCrypt 30 is an IP layer encryptor, designed for deployment as a security gateway of office corporate LANs, site-to-site VPNs, mobile vehicles and wireless inter-office networking.

IP encyrptors for surveillance cameras

DigiSAFE NetCrypt 10 is a compact and rugged IP encryptor ideal for securing video streaming from surveillance cameras, securing SCADA network link, mobile vehicle and wireless inter-offices connectivity.

Encryption for secure data transmission

The DigitSAFE LinkCrypt is a reliable and transparent security link for leased line that secures data transmission through advanced encryption standards (AES) algorithm and an automated key management system.

Ethernet security through encryption

The DigiSAFE EtherCrypt is a high-assurance layer-2 encryptor that secures data transmission over ethernet and metro-ethernet networks. It provides full-duplex wire speed encryption up to 1Gbps with zero encryption overhead.

Remote access VPN suites

DigiSAFE BigBouncer is a remote access VPN suite that combines standard-based tunnelling, encryption, firewall technologies and management tools to provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for high-performance VPN-firewall appliance suited for internet and intranet deployments.

Full disk encyrption for computers and laptops

The DigiSAFE DiskCrypt is a 2.5-in full disk encryption (FDE) hard-disk enclosure designed to encrypt the hard disk used in notebooks.

USB encyrption solutions

DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile is a USB hard-disk enclosure with full disk encryption that supports 2FA through a smart card. It is specially designed for users to carry data while on the move.

Encypting data on hard-disks and motherboards

The DigitSAFE DeskCrypt is an FDE device designed for use in office workstations. It resides between the motherboard and the hard-disk to encrypt the data in the hard disk transparently. It supports 2FA access to the hard-disk through a USB smart card token.

USB tokens for ligistical access control

DigiSAFE KeyCrupt is a multi-functional USB token for logical access. It is embedded with a cryptographic smartcard chip and provides strong 2FA for logical access control.