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Bespoke Uniforms and Protective Clothing for Military Personnel

Prevent & Deloza specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made workwear and protective garments for military use.

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Prevent & Deloza specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made workwear and protective garments for military use.

Our comfortable and functional clothing is made from high-quality fabrics to provide effective protection from a wide range of environmental hazards, while ensuring the wearer’s mobility remains unrestricted.

Durable, multipurpose clothing for military crews

 Prevent & Deloza’s rugged garments are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics in order to offer maximum comfort and convenience for the wearer.

Our catalogue of multi-purpose workwear includes trousers, coats, blouses, vests and overalls. Items can be customised to feature multiple pockets and reinforcement in selected areas such as knees and elbows to offer increased tensile strength when required by the user’s intended application and work environment.

Our FireCat smart body armour has been optimised for use in a variety of critical environments, including military, police and firefighting applications.
Our temperature-regulating body armour solutions combine comfortable, lightweight textiles with cutting-edge E•COOLINE® monitoring technology to pro-actively balance temperature and humility.
Prevent & Deloza’s heavy-duty cooling body armour is able to provide effective temperature relief for up to 20 hours at a time, making it the ideal solution for scenarios requiring prolonged deployment.
The design and fit of our protective garments is extensively tested and reviewed during development to ensure maximum comfort for the user.
Prevent & Deloza utilises the latest technologies during development of its body armour solutions to provide robust personnel protection, while making sure the wearer’s mobility remains unrestricted.
Our rugged body armour products are manufactured from EN 469-approved non-flammable textiles, which have been proven to provide up to 10% higher durability than similar materials.

Our workwear can also be visually customised in a variety of colour schemes and decorative stitching patterns in accordance with companies’ own aesthetic branding.

We conduct extensive internal and external tests during the development of all our protective garments, in addition to laundry testing in collaboration with professional laundry facilities. We also place a heavy emphasis on the comfort of the final design’s cut and fit to ensure suitability for active operations and long-term use.

Fireproof clothing for the defence industry

Prevent & Deloza offers an extensive line of hard-wearing firefighting clothing, which provides effective protection for personnel working in extreme environments.

Our catalogue ranges from simple workwear manufactured from a mixture of cotton and polyester, to robust emergency intervention garments made out of heavy-duty, flame-retardant para-aramid and meta-aramid fabrics.

Our firefighting garments feature water and oil resistant finishes in accordance with the latest EN 459 regulations.

In addition, Prevent & Deloza offers a selection of EN 156914-compliant firefighting clothing that is specially optimised for use in outdoor environments.

Temperature-regulating body armour for military operations

Prevent & Deloza’s unique E·COOLINE® range of cooling body armour systems has been designed to prevent personnel from overheating during deployment in hot operating environments.

Our E·COOLINE solution is constructed from an advanced textile ‘sandwich’ using multiple layers of material and is equipped with monitoring technology that checks and stabilises the wearer’s body temperature to maintain health and mitigate energy depletion.

This cutting-edge body armour is able to continually operate in high-temperature environments for up to 20 hours at a time.

Antimicrobial clothing for medical staff

Prevent & Deloza is able to equip its garments with the company’s innovative, long-lasting antimicrobial protection system known as ProCare, which can be applied to both wholly cotton-based and mixed composition fabrics.

Our powerful protection solution is specially designed to safeguard the wearer against MRSA bacteria and other antibiotic-resistant contaminants, substantially reducing the risk of wound infections, pneumonia or blood poisoning when working in hazardous environments.

Our ProCare protection offers valuable protection to medical staff, while also decreasing the amount of work hours lost through illness and subsequent absence.

Customised protective uniforms for army personnel

Prevent & Deloza uses a range of cutting-edge equipment during the development and fabrication of its garments, including the latest Gerber technology and a specialist CAD-CAM design package featuring an Accumark V Stitcher, as well as automated tailoring systems to ensure consistently accurate results.

We are committed to the continual modernisation of our manufacturing process in order to achieve the highest flexibility, quality and production capacity.

Our engineers are able to create fully bespoke solutions according to customers’ unique operational requirements and specifications. All our basic models have been gathered into an interactive, easy-to-use online application to help streamline the process of finding the optimum product for clients’ needs.

The platform displays all of Prevent & Deloza’s basic product designs, while presenting all previously developed variants and possible customisation options to allow customers to choose their own bespoke solution quickly and efficiently.

The compatibility and quality of our products has been checked and verified by a number of high-profile organisations such as Öti Vienna, the Textile Institute of Maribor, Mitra Kontrol Zagreb and the Jožef Štefan Institute in Ljubljana.

About Prevent & Deloza

Prevent & Deloza was originally established in 1954 as a provider of accessories such as safety strings, ribbons and elastics, before expanding into the manufacture of protective clothing for industrial applications.

We are committed to offering clients the most advanced solutions in a cost-effective manner and regularly consult with trusted suppliers and scientific institutes to ensure our products are developed using the latest technologies and technical expertise.

Please contact Prevent & Deloza using the enquiry form on this page to find out more or arrange a presentation.

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