Plasan is a global company operating in the area of survivability for land, air and naval platforms for the defense market. The company specialized in development and supply of passive armor technology and solutions for a wide range of wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. The company also focuses on advanced technologies for land maneuvering operations, including unmanned ground vehicles and robotics solutions.

The company has designed more than 400 armoured hulls, and delivered more than 35,000 armour solutions to armed forces and security organisations worldwide. Plasan offers full design, development, integration, testing and delivery under one roof.

High-end Protection Solutions for Military Vehicles

All across the globe, Plasan protects armed forces ground combat vehicles with its advanced survivability solutions.

Our products endure the trials of combat and along the way, we translate front line soldiers and commanders feedback into improved designs and better survivability solutions. Multidisciplinary teams at Plasan, comprised of experienced engineers, armour and weapons system specialists, ergonomics experts, testing personnel and other professionals, harness their extensive expertise, experience and the latest technological innovations to produce the most advanced survivability solutions worldwide.

Whether it is for defense or homeland security, Plasan is the leader in the design, development and integration of advanced armor protection solutions for all types of wheeled and tracked Combat Vehicles.

Plasan’s survivability solutions include:

  • Kinetic Add-On Armour
  • Spall Liners
  • Blast & IED Under Belly Protection Solutions
  • Passive RPG Defeat Solutions
  • MFA- Multi-Functional-Armour

Our survivability solutions meet and exceed end user requirements and are ideally suited to a variety of missions, enabling the right mix of protection, firepower, agility and maneuverability.

Kinetic Add-On Armour

Plasan is an expert in survivability solutions for Combat Vehicles. More than 35,000 Add-on Armor Kits and armored vehicles delivered and fielded worldwide. Plasan has played a critical role in many high-profile programmes around the world, including MRAP, MTVR, M-ATV and JLTV in the US, Hawkei in Australia and many European armoured vehicle programmes.

Over 22,000 tactical vehicles and a wide range of helicopters and transport aircraft, all armoured by Plasan’s technologies, are today deployed in the battlefield and are saving innumerable lives.

With its in-house ballistic test labs Plasan develops lightweight, cost effective protection solutions against various symmetric and a-symmetric threats. Plasan’s advanced armour, made of unique, lightweight modern materials, to include composites, ceramics, polymers and their combination will meet any users’ requirements.

Plasan developed a new range of armor recipes to defeat STANAG4569 Vol.1 Levels 4, 5 and 6 threats that are currently under serial production. These solutions have been tested and approved by armies and third party test facilities and are currently being integrated on Combat Armored Vehicles.

Spall Liners

Spall liners provide the Combat Armored Vehicle a significant ‘last barrier’ between threat debris (like spall) or overmatching threat and the Crew. This survivability system, usually of a composite material nature, protects the crew, absorbs and reduces the impact associated with overmatching threats, thus increasing crew survivability. Plasan’s designed Spall Liner kit can be quickly fitted in the field.

Plasan’s designed Spall Liner Kits significantly reduces the Spall Cone Angle, by an approximate factor of two (2X), of fragments produced by Directional Fragmentation Charges such as the TMRP-6. It eliminates hull brittle effects (e.g. plugging and scabbing) and ductile effects (e.g. petaling), significantly enhancing the armoured steel layer’s protective effects. It can be applied to provide a first-line isolation layer between the metal floor and crew feet.

Blast & IED Under Belly Protection Solutions

Plasan has unique expertise in blast management techniques, and can offer blast solutions for any vehicle by combining geometrical, structural and energy-absorbing materials with advanced seat technologies for maximum protection.

Plasan’s solutions protect not only the vehicle and its crew, but also provide optimized survivability for crewmembers by forming several layers of protection.

Passive RPG defeater

  • Innovative passive protection solutions to defeat PG-7 and SPG-9, shoulder fired, recoilless gun fired.
  • Technology tested and approved by multiple armies around the world.
  • Maximum protection at minimum weight & cost.

Plasan’s HSF (Hybrid Slat Fence) and FF (FLEX Fence) advantages:

Maneuverability – Little to no degradation of vehicle’s performance.
Low weight integrated solutions (10-12kg/m2), armor utilizes advanced neutralization mechanism. Highest performance (compared to legacy bar armor or net type systems), Solutions for both opaque and transparent vehicle areas and low maintenance cost.
Modules replacement done at theater by vehicle’s crew, It can be easily mounted onto any hull or existing platform or structure.

Fully armoured hulls – The “KITTED-HULL” Concept

Plasan’s ‘Kitted Hull’ design approach is a Patent Protected Technology that Integrated Composite-Armor for Chassis-Based and Monocoque Hulls.

“Kitted Hull” is a unique concept introduced by Plasan into the world of armored vehicles during the last 2 decades. It represents an innovative design and production process for the construction of a modular armored cabin, which is an alternative to the traditional welded hull.

The “Kitted Hull” concept is now a battle proven solution with thousands of vehicles deployed in various arenas and its bolted panels have proved to withstand a wide range of operational profiles and IED attacks in various theaters during combat operations worldwide.

“Kitted Hull” vehicles have also been tested to deep water fording standards and some were equipped with an NBC overpressure system.

“Kitted Hull” design features significant advantages in vehicle manufacturability, adjustability and maintainability without compromising survivability.

The “Kitted Hull” is an optimized design and production for easy efficient local assembly.

Armoured 4×4 vehicles

Plasan is a leading provider of Mission Oriented Armored Vehicles. Our end-to-end capability includes Design, Development, Simulation, Testing, Production and Integration – all under the same roof.

Plasan develops and manufactures Mission-Specific, high Maneuverability and survivability vehicles designed for successfully accomplish each mission objectives.

The company possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in customizing, purpose-build and upgrading armored vehicles with a wide range of automotive upgrades, including state-of-the-art technological surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, command & control and communication systems – to overcome a wide variety of operational challenges.

Sandcat Family of Vehicles (FOV)

The SandCat family of 4X4  armoured vehicles has been designed to support a wide range of challenges and missions, including: law enforcement, SWAT, special forces, peacekeeping, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflicts. More than 700 SandCat armored vehicles have been deployed so far in a variety of missions in 16 countries on 5 continents among them several NATO countries – The

The SandCat is available in four variants, which can be adapted to the specific needs of every security, police or armed force. Each variant is designed for optimised operational functionality:

  1. SandCat MK-T– The Mk-T is the ideal solution for urban law enforcement where space, protection, simplicity and reliability are critical mission factors. Can carry 11 occupants and has 5 doors.
  2. SandCat MK-IV – is the latest generation of the Plasan SandCat family of 4×4 armored vehicles – one of the most advanced COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) chassis-based off-road armored vehicle on the market today.
    The SandCat Mk IV is designed to provide a superior level of protection for military defence operations and law enforcing units or SWAT teams which are carried out throughout the most challenging environments, urban arenas and rough terrain. Can carry 11 occupants and has 5 doors and a roof hatch.
  3. SandCat M-LPV – All-new M-LPV (Mine-resistant Light Patrol Vehicle) model, the first new vehicle based on Plasan’s 4th generation SandCat architecture. Built around the same rugged COTS components, the M-LPV is the first SandCat engineered as a fully structural Monocoque, doing away with a ladder-frame chassis.
    The new chassis-less design allows it to achieve a higher level of underbody mine protection without paying the usual price in weight and height. The M-LPV maintains the SandCat’s compact dimensions, easy access 5-door design, and sub-10t GVW while adding mine protection for all occupants. Can carry 11 occupants and has 5 doors and a roof hatch.
  4. StormRider – The StormRider shares the same powerful, durable, and reliable powertrain as the SandCat, but in the StormRider this is integrated with full-time four-wheel-drive transfer-case and heavy duty independent suspension into an all-new Monocoque Kitted-Hull.
    The new vehicle is larger and more spacious than the SandCat Mk-IV and SandCat M-LPV variants, accommodating up to 10 occupants, fully protected against STANAG Protection levels ballistic and IED threats, and with STANAG protection levels against mine under the vehicle.


The Hyrax combines Plasan’s high standard of protection and finish with the proven reliability and durability of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis to create a quality cost-effective light patrol vehicle. By making use of an unmodified heavy duty G-Wagon chassis, Hyrax ensures that your personnel will reliably arrive in safety, wherever their mission. An agile light armored vehicle, Hyrax has 4×4 AWD, including center, front and rear differential locks ensuring maneuverability and mobility for any mission (off-road & urban).

Featuring a Kitted Hull with integrated ballistic protection at B6 (upgradable to B7 or STANAG 4569 Level II), Hyrax offers high protection in a compact lightweight package with top quality finishing for up to a 6-man crew.

With low cost of operation, but high specifications, Hyrax moves the equation of what you can afford to give your troops.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Land Robotics Solutions

ATeMM – All-Terrain electric Mission Module

Multi-Domain – Multi-Mission – One POWERFUL Solution

The ATeMM is a connected and synchronized auto controlled electric powered platform. The ATeMM can be easily connected to any leading vehicle by a unique, patented “3 points fast connection”. This connection enables the combined platform to perform as a 6×6 and 8×8 synchronized, flexible, agile platform, allowing the operator a simple and easy driving experience.

As a tandem, the ATeMM-T does not sacrifice any of its mobility behind a host vehicle. In addition to doubling the system’s capability, the ATeMM-T can be detached from the host vehicle and operated via remote control. This enables low heat and noise signature, unmanned travel to and from the tactical edge, or other high-risk combat scenario.

The ATeMM-T is ready for autonomous control integration. Key benefits include:

  • MORE Energy
  • MORE Payload
  • HIGH Maneuverability
  • AUTONOMOUS Mobility
  • MORE Operational Flexibility