TMV 6×6 Military Vehicle

UK-based military vehicle manufacturer TMV unveiled its 6×6 at the DVD 2010 show in the UK in June 2010. The TMV 6×6M SF is a six-wheel drive, six-wheel steer vehicle designed specifically for military and special forces reconnaissance.

The TMV 6×6M SF is part of TMV’s ongoing programme of development of modular and flexible military products. The first prototype of the platform was unveiled in 2009.

TMV 6×6M SF reconnaisance vehicle design

The concept of the vehicle has been developed on a new platform rather than by modifying an existing vehicle. Built on modular structures with formers and stringers, the design eases assembly and transportation. It is engineered for operational flexibility, high mobility, payload, and ballistic and blast protections. The superstructure of the TMV 6×6M SF is built over outriggers on a twin V-hull chassis.

"The concept of the TMV 6×6M SF has been developed on a new platform rather than modifying an existing vehicle."

The engine and transmission are housed inside the V-tub hull, which increases mobility due to enhanced weight distribution.

The engine or gearbox of the vehicle can be changed in eight hours for refurbishment and maintenance due to the presence of eight mounting points for the protected cell. The modular design enables the vehicle to adapt to different situations based on military threat and deployment in conflict situations.

The vehicle has a menu-based, touch-button control and instrumentation system integrated in a single electronic module. The TMV 6×6M SF can also be equipped with IR systems for night vision.

TMV 6×6M SF armoured vehicle protection

The V-shaped hull is made of stainless steel formers and clad with belly blast plate for protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mines. The protection material is made of composite layers and SMART strike-face material developed by Plasan Sasa. The hull provides high occupant protection by dissipating the impact of energy from a 6kg mine blast under the belly and wheel. The vehicle provides 2A and 2B blast protection and STANAG 3 ballistic protection.

The lightweight crew-protected cell provides passive protection by exerting less ground pressure, thereby avoiding triggering land mines. The position of the driver and commander behind the front wheels also reduces the impact of explosions.

The higher gross vehicle weight (GVW)-rating variants of the TMV 6×6M SF can provide up to STANAG 4 blast and ballistic protection.


The TMV 6×6M SF is equipped with twin half-inch machine guns on a 360° ring mount that can be replaced with grenade launchers. The vehicle can also be installed with four 7.62 mounts and smoke grenade launchers in the front and rear for cloaking.

Mission variants

"The TMV 6×6M SF’s hull provides high occupant protection by dissipating the impact of energy from a 6kg mine blast under the belly and wheel."

The modular rear superstructure enables the TMV 6×6M SF to be configured for various roles depending on the demand. It can be used for different platforms, including Special Forces, utility, armoured personnel carrier (APC), recovery and munitions, troop carrier and single or crew cab.

The variants will include a four-wheel configuration with GVW from 6t to 9.5t, a six-wheel configuration with GVW from 7.5t to 18t and, by 2012, an eight-wheel configuration with GVW from 9.5t to 22t.

TMV 6×6M SF engine

The 7,500kg, TMV 6×6M SF is powered by a Cummins ISBe5 in-line four-cylinder engine which generates a power output of 200bhp (147kW). The 4,500cc turbocharged, water-cooled diesel engine generates about 900Nm of torque.


The TMV 6×6M SF has fully-automated Allison 2,500SP six-speed transmission. It drives the transfer gear box with Hi and Lo ratios via six Dana lockable differentials. The power is transferred to the axles via the drive shafts, and the vehicle has a maximum speed of 137km/h and a range of 1,120km supported by internal fuel diesel tanks. It has Brembo-ventilated disc brakes with all the wheels fixed by 300mm discs and twin-piston callipers.

The adaptive all-wheel-steer, all-wheel-drive and high power-to-weight ratio of the TMV 6×6M SF provide high on- and off-road mobility. Twin coil-over dampers for wheels and a fully-independent air suspension system allows ride height adjustment by the operator. The six-wheel steer system can be programmed to change the steering configuration of each axle. The TMV 6×6M SF is air transportable in a Boeing C17 Globemaster, Hercules C130 and Airbus A400M.

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