The SandCat family of 4×4 armoured vehicles has been designed to support a wide range of challenges and missions, including: law enforcement, special weapons and tactics (SWAT) and special forces, peacekeeping, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflict.

SandCats are also used to transport troops, as a command and control or communication centres, weapon carriers and to transport VIPs though conflict zones.

A unique Kitted Hull built to meet STANAG 3 protection level puts SandCat in a class of its own. Lightweight composite materials and unique cabin designs ensure added protection, which does not come at the expense of added vehicle weight or reduced performance.

SandCat has power to spare. A new, powerful, energy efficient 6.7l turbo diesel engine has been integrated with an upgraded commercial chassis to provide speed, manoeuverability, and a tight turning radius. SandCat will keep moving on rocky, hilly, sandy, icy and jungle or swampy terrain, as well as the densest urban streets filled with rioters, terrorists and obstacles.

After a decade of mission-proven performance, SandCat offers the protection, comfort, payload, reliability and lifetime low-operating costs that your forces need.

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