Oshkosh Defense teamed with Plasan North America for the M-ATV armour system to provide superior crew protection.
Oshkosh Defense began manufacturing the M-ATV in advance of the contract award to meet the urgent need of the US armed forces.
To achieve the off-road mobility that soldiers and Marines need in Afghanistan, Oshkosh Defense integrated its <br />TAK-4 independent suspension system onto the vehicle.
Early investments, planning and engineering activities will allow for accelerated delivery of the Oshkosh <br />M-ATV.

Oshkosh MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV)

The Oshkosh mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV).

The Oshkosh MRAP (mine-resistant ambush-protected) all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV) is an armoured vehicle with improved mobility. In June 2009, Oshkosh Corporation received an initial order to deliver 2,900 M-ATVs to the US Armed Forces for deployment in Afghanistan.

The M-ATV is based on the Oshkosh medium tactical vehicle replacement (MTVR) platform and is fitted with patented TAK-4 independent suspension system for utmost mobility and survivability.

The US Army has selected Oshkosh M-ATV out of five participant models, which included two by BAE Systems and one each by Navistar and Force Dynamics.

On 5 October 2009, the first M-ATV was on ground in Afghanistan.

M-ATV missions

The US armed forces need 2,080 to 10,000 M-ATVs to deploy them in Afghanistan’s rough and mountainous off-road environments and dispersed combat operations. Before Oshkosh was awarded the M-ATV contract, orders were placed for demonstration vehicles from competing companies for testing.

In May 2009, three demonstration Oshkosh M-ATVs arrived at the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, for military evaluation. These vehicles were mainly developed for the US armed forces to resume rugged-terrain operations in Afghanistan. The armour system and the suspension system mounted in Oshkosh M-ATV have already been implemented in 5,000 current MRAPs and about 10,000 MTVRs.

In June 2009, shortly before the contract award, Oshkosh Defense completed more than 7,500 miles of independent on and off-road durability testing of the M-ATV at the Nevada Automotive Test Center. Oshkosh also finished 7,500 miles of self evaluation on the vehicle’s durability to operate on Afghanistan’s tough terrain.

In October 2009, Oshkosh Defense offered the Australian Department of Defence (ADD) the M-ATV and SandCat combat vehicles under the Land 121 Overlander phase 4 defence procurement programme. Through this programme the ADD plans to procure over 1,300 light protected mobility combat vehicles.

M-ATV orders and deliveries

“The Oshkosh MRAP all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV) is an armoured vehicle with improved mobility.”

Following many months of testing the US Department of Defense (DoD) has selected Oshkosh for the supply of M-ATVs for its armed forces. The vehicles were ordered by the US Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command Life-Cycle Management Command TACOM LCMC and are supplied to the US Army, Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, Air Force and Navy. In July 2009, Oshkosh received an additional order for 1,700 M-ATVs worth $1.06bn from TACOM LCMC. Under the contract, Oshkosh has also supplied after-market parts packages until April 2010 and field support services to the US armed forces.

The deliveries were completed by February 2010.

In September 2009, the US Army TACOM LCMC placed an order worth $189m with Oshkosh for 352 additional M-ATVs. The deliveries concluded in March 2010. The third contract brought the total number of M-ATVs ordered to 4,296.

In October 2009, Oshkosh Defense was awarded a contract worth $33m by the US Army’s TACOM LCMC to supply rear-mounted camera systems for over 2,200 M-ATVs. The key objective was to provide improved situational awareness for warfighters in forward areas.

In the same month, TACOM LCMC also contracted Oshkosh for delivery of 923 M-ATVs costing $408.5m. The deliveries were completed in March 2010. This was the fourth contract, bringing the number of M-ATVs under order to 5,219 and the total contract value to $2.76bn.

Two contracts worth $28m were awarded to Oshkosh Defense to provide spare parts and support services to the M-ATVs deployed in Afghanistan in October 2009. The US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) placed an order worth $16m for the spare parts and a $12m contract was awarded by US Army’s TACOM LCMC for after-market support services.

In November 2009, Oshkosh Defense received an additional order worth $438m from the US Army’s TACOM LCMC to deliver 1,000 M-ATVs.

In December 2009, TACOM LCMC placed a $175m order for 400 M-ATVs. In February 2010, Oshkosh Defense received an additional $640m order from TACOM LCMC to deliver 1,460 M-ATVs.

Four orders were received in May 2010 to supply more than 4,300 M-ATV protection kits. In February 2011, TACOM LCMC placed an order for more than 2,000 M-ATV underbody improvement kits.

The M-ATV vehicle has been offered for Canada’s tactical armoured patrol vehicle (TAPV) programme. In February 2011, Oshkosh Defense teamed up with General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada and unveiled a prototype for the TAPV programme.

In July 2012, the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces placed an order for 750 M-ATVs. Deliveries are expected to commence in January 2013 for completion in August of the same year.

As of July 2012, over 9,500 M-ATVs have been ordered by the US armed forces and other customers.

M-ATV features

The Oshkosh M-ATV has seating for four passengers and one gunner. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 65mph with a maximum payload of 4,000lb. The gross vehicle curb weight is less than 25,000lb (11,340kg).

The vehicle has MTVR common, TAK-4 independent suspension that offers maximum mobility for rugged and off-road terrain operations. The vehicle is mounted on a reliable powertrain that provides the speed and lightness needed to travel with ease on mountainous terrain.

Oshkosh Defense and Plasan North America worked together to develop the M-ATV armour system, which comprises a variety of high-strength materials, including ceramic composite armour. It features EFP (explosively formed penetrator) armour while maintaining a full payload. The commonality between the armour and the parts allows the vehicle to be repaired in the theatre.

The vehicle also has a MANPRINT balanced system design that minimises operator and maintenance training and maximises crew effectiveness. Another feature of the Oshkosh M-ATV is that it has a mature C4ISR network.

About 2,200 M-ATVs are installed with a new camera system towards the rear. The system integrates with the existing video displays, offering vertical view of 40° and horizontal field view of 54°. It has an infrared camera core in an LED-equipped tailgate assembly which provides visibility in day and night operations in all types of climate.

TAK-4 independent suspension system

The M-ATV features a four-wheeled patented TAK-4 independent suspension system for high off-road mobility and combat performance. TAK-4 suspension system provides 16in of independent wheel travel and 13in of ground clearance in normal loaded condition, offering increased mobility as compared to straight-axle vehicles.

“The US Army has selected Oshkosh MRAP all-terrain vehicle from five participant models.”

It offers mobility for unimproved roads and rugged off-road terrain with 70% off-road mobility and 30% on-road mobility. The suspension system was introduced in the US Marine Corps in 1998 and has undergone more than 400,000 miles of testing, and is applied in more than 10,000 MTVRs

The vehicle has 12 different tyre-pressure settings, which can be adjusted based on the payload and terrain conditions. Additionally, it is also capable of travelling long distances at high speeds on run-flat tyres.


The vehicle features a v-shaped hull supplied by Plasan North America with four passengers and one gunner seating capacity. M-ATV provides protection from EFPs and rocket-propelled grenades (RPG). The hull provides added protection in a ballistic event and seats are suspended from the ceiling, to mitigate blast effects. The vehicle also contains energy-absorbing floor mats to protect the occupants’ lower bodies.

Caterpillar C7 370hp engine

The Oshkosh M-ATV is a 4×4 chassis vehicle fitted with a Caterpillar C7 370hp engine with an Allison 3500 SP transmission and Marmon Herrington transfer case. It also features a rugged, reliable non-developmental powertrain, providing the vehicle quickness to cross mountainous terrain.

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