Passive RPG-7 Defeat Armour

Flexfence Passive RPG-7 Defeat Armour

RPG-7 defeat armour

A unique RPG-7 defeat passive solution by Plasan. FlexFence employs advanced and intelligent engineering, designed for maximum protection at a lightweight and affordable cost.

Our solutions can be easily mounted onto any hull of existing platform or structure without any design changes.

Plasan’s unique RPG-7 defeat passive solution FlexFence provides the highest performance of any RPG protection product in the market today, with higher performance than other existing technologies.


  • Defeat probability of up to 80%
  • Can neutralise up to six rockets per square metre
  • A continuous grid design assures defeat effectiveness even at modules edge

The system successfully completed a series of durability tests on road and at sea conditions.

Key features include:

  • Advanced neutralisation mechanism for tomorrow’s battlefield
  • Improved protection against all types of RPGs including RPG7 V,L,M,N and PGS9
  • The defeat mechanism uses a conductive metal that creates an electrical short cut between the warhead cones
  • Neutralises up to 80% at NATO 0° with 90% silent neutralisation (no detonation)
  • High survivability for soldiers and the vehicle hull
  • FlexFence can be used in combination with Hybrid SlatFence to achieve optimised protection
  • Excellent multi-hit behaviour with silent neutralisations, up to six hits per square metre
  • The same modular system fits wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Weighs just 25% of traditional steel bar armour
  • Highly durable, does not degrade vehicle speed, manoeuverability or performance
  • Flexible system, allows easy integration of FlexFence to dynamic areas such as doors and turrets
  • Low life cycle costs, no welding, low-cost acquisition
  • Available in any colour to blend in with vehicle camouflage
  • All relevant environmental testing standards are met according to MIL-STD-810

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