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Proactive Cyber Security: Stay Ahead of Attacks

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Codenomicon develops proactive security testing and real-time situation awareness solutions. Experience cyber security beyond traditional signature-based defenses and improve your defenses against advanced persistent threats (APTs). Codenomicon’s fully automated solutions enable you to stay ahead of attacks. Use Defensics testing solutions to discover unknown, zero-day vulnerabilities proactively. Detect suspicious traffic, internet abuse and network incidents at the earliest possible moment with clarified situation awareness solutions.

Defensics security testing solutions

Get rid of exploitable vulnerabilities proactively. Vulnerabilities within networks can expose them to attacks. Defensics test suites use black-box testing to detect vulnerabilities by triggering them with unexpected inputs. Find and fix vulnerabilities proactively to:

  • Harden your systems against attacks
  • Improve system quality
  • Avoid patching

Defensics best practices: push testing to suppliers

Use your purchasing power to get better quality software. Defensics is based on protocol specifications and is both device and vendor neutral.

It is optimal for assessing the security of third-party software: no source code access is needed and the tests are easily repeatable and automated. Use Defensics to test software before purchase and get your suppliers to produce products with fewer vulnerabilities.

Defensics test run.
Defensics protocol listing view.
Clarified analyzer.
Abuse SA world map.
Abuse report.
  • In-built protocol knowledge covering the whole protocol specifications
  • Fully automated test suites for over 200 protocols and file formats
  • Easy to repeat test cases
  • Tool creation for testing proprietary protocols

Clarified network analyzer

Find out what is really going on in your network. Separating operation networks from corporate networks does not guarantee security. With large, complex networks, it is hard to keep track of all connections.

The Codenomicon network analyzer combines high-level visualizations and packet-accurate traffic flow information. Detect abnormal traffic quickly and drill down to investigate further.

  • Decrease downtime with quick troubleshooting
  • Clarify your complex systems
  • Gain situational awareness
  • Discover undocumented software behaviour (legit and malware)

Clarified situation awareness

From an isolated view to global security awareness, critical networks, especially power grids, are interdependent: a failure in one network can increase the load in another and start a dangerous chain of events.

Situation awareness solutions enable you to collect information from multiple sources in different formats into one browser-based view.

  • Share actionable, real-time information
  • Automated reports
  • Intuitive visualizations

Clarified abuse situation awareness (SA) for CERTs

Keep your networks clean from internet abuse: in most CERT teams, skilled professionals use a large percentage of their working time skimming through emails, website postings and other communications to collect abuse information. Clarified abuse SA automatically collects and processes abuse information; the analysts are then free to do the actual analysis. It can also send automated emails to affected parties.

  • Format and transport independent
  • Handle more abuse information, faster
  • Automated reports
  • Intuitive visualizations

About Codenomicon

Codenomicon has over 15 years of expertise in network security and has pioneered several innovations in this area. Codenomicon’s customers include Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Verizon, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei and T-Systems.

World-class operators, network equipment manufacturers and government agencies rely on Codenomicon’s solutions and expertise to ensure the security and resilience of deployed services and networks. Headquartered in Finland, Codenomicon has offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

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