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Software System Lifecycle Management for the Defense Industry

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MKS, a PTC Company, provides software system lifecycle management solutions with a specific solution geared for the defense industry. Our combination of years of experience serving global enterprises, the most sophisticated customer solution engineers available, and the only truly unified cross-platform technology in the world, makes MKS an ideal partner for organizations that understand the strategic importance of software.

Unified engineering platform for the defense industry

Integrity is a unified engineering platform that accelerates the innovation of software intensive products by allowing organizations to address the overwhelming complexity, high velocity of change, and demanding regulatory requirements faced by many defense companies and their suppliers today.

System engineering and lifecycle management for the defense industry

Defense organizations must manage innovation and collaboration among large global teams to produce systems and products with unprecedented levels of complexity and interdependence.

The challenge is compounded by service lifecycles for these products and systems that can span many decades. Security, governance and quality must all be maintained at the highest levels, all without sacrificing the ability of these teams to respond to change and deliver on shorter timelines.

Integrity provides software system lifecycle management solutions geared for the defense industry.
Defense organizations must manage innovation and collaboration among large global teams to produce systems and products with unprecedented levels of complexity and interdependence.
ITT selected Integrity to automate configuration management of hardware and software assets at hundreds of ADS-B facilities throughout the US.

Some of the most critical issues these companies can face include:

  • A lack of consistent control over change across all phases of the software lifecycle
  • Inadequate and high-overhead means to address oversight/governance demands
  • Difficulty introducing new technologies quickly into products being brought to market
  • Uncoordinated engineering teams across disciplines (hardware, software, mechanical, etc.)
  • A lack of cooperation and coordination with suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders
  • Increasing complexity and the number of product variants increases costs and development
  • CMMI, DO-178B and other compliance standards are difficult and costly to achieve

Software engineering platform for defense companies

The Integrity solution enables defense manufacturers to:

  • Drive innovation with cross-discipline engineering lifecycle management that breaks down silos
  • Improve product and process quality through a common workflow that automates and enforces standards, full traceability and a single source of truth across all process domains and engineering disciplines
  • Eliminate software-related maintenance costs and recalls through process driven test and release management
  • Reduce complexity and manage product variants by full V-cycle reuse of features, requirements, design, code, and tests
  • Increase productivity and profitability through process automation, advanced reuse capabilities and full control of software complexity, which stops redundant work and limits rework
  • Manage many process areas described in CMMI and other maturity models, leading to faster compliance for DO-178B/C and related standards
  • Connect suppliers with a superior data exchange and integration platform

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