Harmonising Modelling and Simulation with the Development Lifecycle - Army Technology
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Harmonising Modelling and Simulation with the Development Lifecycle

Product engineering organisations face the incredible challenge of ever-shrinking market windows for innovation. These opportunities, if missed, can lead to huge costs and overwhelming complexity that can compromise quality and lead to very expensive recalls. Innovating in the face of these pressures require organisations to rethink their disconnected modelling practices and move to a unified lifecycle management approach, integrating models into the core engineering process.

These companies face a perfect storm of dizzyingly short cycle times, quality and compliance demands, and a need to continuously innovate with limited or shrinking resources. A higher level of coordination and collaboration is no longer an option but rather a requirement for organizations to survive and thrive as they deliver products with embedded software that incorporate modeling and simulation into the lifecycle. It is a simple fact, manual methods and disconnected systems can no longer address the demands of today’s development (let alone the future).

The solution offered by combining MKS Integrity with modelling environments and integrating model driven development with engineering processes allows organidations to increase the quality of their products while reducing the amount of time and effort needed to deliver those products.

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