ABER Electronics is a market leader in radio frequency (RF) and microwave design, specialising in the manufacture of amplifiers and antennas. Our customers include primary defence and broadcast contractors, medical research facilities and many diverse communications operators.

Performance amplifiers for defence operations

ABER manufactures and supplies a wide variety of RF amplifiers, ranging from miniature 1W Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing amplifiers to high power broadband amplifier modules. Our amplifier range includes RF power and COFDM units, as well as mount, low noise and linear variants.

Our L & S Band 1W COFDM amplifier offers market-leading performance and reliability. Boasting ultra-efficiency and with considerable spectral regrowth performance, the COFDM amplifier is ideal for covert deployment and battery powered operation.

Reliable, high-coverage antennas for military use

We manufacture a range of antennas, including marine, Wi-Fi, dome, broadcast, and directional type. ABER’s sector antenna features 100° horizontal beamwidth, making 360° coverage possible, with four sector antennas suitable for mobile broadcast situations.

Ultra-efficient amplifiers are ideal for battery powered operation and covert deployment, offering market-leading performance.
Dome antennas are compact, lightweight, broadband units, suitable for buildings and vehicles.
ABER works with clients to generate profitable designs, offering a bespoke service to meet individual and special client requirements.
As an ISO9001:2008 certified company, ABER can guarantee the highest standards in the quality of products and processes.
ABER's customers include international defence organisations and communications operators.

Our cutting-edge, high-gain and ultra-lightweight Co Linear Omni broadcast antenna is perfect for mobile camera or vehicle use. Available from L Band (1.5GHz) to C Band (8.5GHz) and with many mounting arrangements, the Co Linear Omni antenna comes with proven reliability, coverage and one of the highest gain versus size on the market.

ABER also manufactures dome antennas. These compact, lightweight, broadband units are ideal for buildings, vehicles and robots, and are available from L Band (1.5GHz) to C Band (8.5GHz).

Filters to block out signal interference

ABER manufactures a range of antenna filters used to block out signal interference. Variants available include small aluminium cavity and Printed Circuit Board lumped element filters. The company can cover most frequencies from DC to 18GHz and its filter range includes high pass, low pass, bandpass and diplexers.

Bespoke antenna design

If ABER does not have a suitable ‘off-the-shelf’  solution available, the company offers a bespoke design service to meet the individual and special requirements of clients.

Through working with clients to create profitable designs, we minimise costly issues in the development, testing and production phases. We also provide development and investigative services on our clients’ existing designs, as well as a repair service that is available on an individual basis.


Over the years, ABER Electronics has built and maintained a reputation for high standards. We continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of work, as well as quick turnaround times. Our unique customer service has helped us establish our place in the industry and we can make a distinctive and substantial contribution to our clients.

ABER Electronics is an ISO9001:2008 certified company and it can assure the highest of standards in the quality of its products and processes. Our employees are dedicated to getting the job right first time and on schedule.