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Military Handsets, Headsets, Microphones and Speakers

Enhancing military radio and telephone communication systems on the battlefield, CJ's tactical audio accessories offer a unique made-to-mission versatility.

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Enhancing military radio and telephone communication systems on the battlefield, CJ’s tactical audio accessories offer a unique made-to-mission versatility. Reliable, durable, comfortable and easy to wear, CJ’s military handsets and tactical headsets have evolved into the standard equipment used with most military radios in use today by the US Army and armed forces worldwide. It is the standard accessory provided by radio manufacturers such as Harris, ITT and Codan.

Military handsets for defence applications

The CJ-H-250 series handset began with the standard CJ H-250/U handset and has grown into a series of customised military handsets which meet the interface with the customer’s military communication equipment, as well as newly designed add-on features creating a new model for multi-mission use. An ever-evolving tactical handset meeting updated equipment and missions, the CJ-H-250 handsets have been field proven in both Iraq and Afghanistan and used with JTRS compliant radios.

Current models include:

  • The CJ H-250/U standard US Army handset
  • The CJ H-250VCEB with volume control and external ear-bud for quiet operations
  • The 10075-1399 handset designed for use on the Falcon I, II and III radios
  • The CJ H-F500 handset designed for use on the Bowman and Wagtail systems
  • The CJ-H-250ENC handset utilising an electret microphone

Tactical patrol headsets

CJ Component Products’ Falcon series tactical and special forces headsets can be used in just about all military and tactical roles. These single-side boom headsets offer a lightweight and low-cost solution for your military communication needs. The Falcon light patrol headsets allow multiple different wearing styles, communications in and out of the water, with upgraded swimmer immersion qualities. The Falcon series military radio headsets are also available as dual ear boom headsets providing full coverage, hearing protection and situational awareness. Various multi PTT options are available.

CJ-H-250 series are available as standard CJ H-250 and CJ H-250VCEB handsets or customized to customer interface specifications. Customise with dynamic or electret microphone; single or dual PTT.
CJ Falcon tactical headsets are designed as direct replacements for use on the PRC-117, PRC-152, PRC-148, PRC-154, PRC-155 and Sincgars radios. All models may be adapted to meet various military radio interface requirements.
CJ QuietTac throat microphones are designed to provide optimum freedom with high quality audio. Single piezo transducer eliminates background noise. Mounted on a strapless neck brace, which requires no adjustments.
CJ QuietComm in-ear microphone speaker uses bone conduction technology to create a small profile quiet communication package.
CJ TACOM military headsets offer excellent noise reduction with dual foam padded earcups and noise canceling microphone. Various PTT options and microphone styles are available.

Throat microphone for tough military environments

The CJ QuietTac throat microphone is designed for operators in tough operational military environments. Improved communication upon typical boom-style military microphones that carry excessive background noise, the QuietTac provides clear voice transmission without ambient noise, allowing the user to transmit even at a whisper with great clarity and no interference. It is available with standard and wireless PTTs, as well as voice activation. A product of choice for handheld manpack small radios, offering optimum freedom with low weight and profile with high-quality audio.

In-ear bone conduction microphone speaker

CJ’s in ear speaker-microphone, utilizing bone conduction technology offers the warfighter the ability to both transmit and receive clear audio within the earpiece. The ultimate in quiet operation, voice transmission does not rely on sound directly from the mouth. Ambient noise is reduced to a minimum and with such a low profile, ease of movement and low-weight, the CJ QuietComm meets the need of the JTRS HMS user, as well as special ops.

Heavy-duty military headsets

The CJ TACOM series headsets are dual ear boom heavy-duty military headsets. A combination of foam-filled ear cups that attenuate ambient sound, with a dynamic noise canceling microphone mounted on an adjustable boom, make these headsets an excellent choice for use in high-noise areas. Offered with over-the-head or behind-the-head suspension headband, the CJ TACOM headsets offer both security and comfort. These military headsets are comfortable to wear for extended periods and protect the user from high impulse noises, such as gunfire, and medium-to-high level persistent background noises.

Push-to-talk equipment options

CJ offers the following PTT options:

  • Dual push-to-talk button: configured for either two-radio operation or single radio with dual frequency capability
  • Dual in/out audio jack: built-in dual audio connector jack for radio commonality
  • Handheld (sniper) PTT: additional PTT that attaches to the hand, finger or weapon
  • Wireless PTT: in-line wireless PTT

Please contact CJ Component Products to discuss the audio accessory required to meet the needs of your application, or to upgrade or replace currently used audio products.

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36 Princess Gate
Oakdale New York 11769
United States of America

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