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Wireless Intercom Systems for Military Applications

Axnes specialises in supplying wireless intercom systems for all types of defence mission platforms.

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Axnes specialises in supplying wireless intercom systems for all types of defence mission platforms.

The PNG mission wireless intercom system is Axnes’ core product and can be integrated on any platform, including fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and military vehicles and boats.

The system creates a wireless connection for crew to communicate with each other when leaving the beforementioned type of platforms.

Wireless intercom systems for military missions

The PNG wireless intercom allows crew members to maintain full duplex communication in the noisiest and most extreme environments. Clear communication with each other enhances safety and situational awareness during missions and is often regarded by users as a real ‘game changer’ for their mission spectrum.

It removes cable hazards and allows multi-channel, full duplex, handsfree communication for every crew member working on or outside of the platform. The PNG Mission Wireless Intercom consists of a base station, a control panel, and one or more handheld units, called transceivers.

The PNG System for extreme military environments

The PNG System contains features that are critical ‘game-changers’ for operators in extreme mission environments. The system features adaptive noise and echo cancelling and non-interrupted VOX, called NiVOX. The wireless connection is secured through hard and/or software encryption up to military standards.

PNG has remote radio keying, allowing crew members to remotely communicate on other set up radios. It also incorporates a GPS positioning feature, allowing crew on board the platform to keep constant track of disembarked crewmembers on their mapping system. The PNG wireless intercom is fully airworthy certified and has a robust metal housing, allowing full operation when submersed in seawater.

The typical range that can be expected is 2-3 miles/3-5km line of sight radius from the platform. The system fully integrates with any type of known intercom system already on board of the platform, removing all cable hazards by going wireless.

Typical uses and operations for the PNG system

Since the system was originally designed to work for rescue swimmers in search and rescue helicopters, the noise and echo cancellation has always been the core feature of Axnes’ products. The PNG handheld transceivers are robust and strong handheld units that can be used in any situation and in any environment, even while swimming in sea water.

However, the use for a mission wireless intercom, such as PNG, is much more extensive. Typical uses are law enforcement vehicles where teams need to operate in the vicinity of the vehicle, helicopter operations where crew needs to be winched/hoisted down, both military and civilian, as well as military armoured vehicles where the disembarked crew operates in the vicinity. They can also be used for artillery battery crews, patrol boats for the coast guard, and much more.

Any type of environment where crew work within line of sight range of their vehicle, aircraft, or boat, and need to communicate together, is suitable for the PNG wireless intercom system.

Base station for the advanced wireless intercom system

The BST50 is a base station that is to be installed inside the platform and has full airworthiness approval. The PNG Base Station can be seen as the heart of the wireless intercom system and controls all the features of the PNG system. It integrates with all existing intercom systems and allows the crew to wirelessly communicate with each other, without having to switch their connectors.

Mobile base station for remote military operations

The BST30/35 is a mobile base station used inside or outside the platform that enables a mobile solution. This can be extremely useful when the crew needs to be away from the platform for their operation and activities.

It integrates with all existing intercom systems and allows the crew to wirelessly communicate with each other, without having to switch their connectors.

User-friendly control panel for real-time feedback

The PNG CP50 control panel is designed to give real time feedback to the operators on board of the platform. It shows and allows the user to control the behavior of the base station. Settings, channel switching, and position feedback are being done using the Control Panel CP50.

Portable handheld transceivers for defence applications

The MP50 handheld transceivers are portable units that allow crew member to stay in touch with their team on board of the platform. The MP50 is IP68 is the submersible version and can be used while swimming in sea-water because of its waterproof membrane and Fisher connector.

It is NiVOX operated, allowing hands-free communication while the operator is working with both hands. The handheld allows for PTT buttons to be used if necessary and can use the platform as a relay to talk on different radios that are on board. The MP50 uses a dual-band antenna, allowing communication on both the UHF and VHF marine band, which is extremely useful during over water operations, because it allows the operator to communicate with maritime vessels as well.

The operational time of the handheld units involves seven hours of transmit time, 12 hours of receiving, and 30 hours in standby mode before charging is required. It comes with a GPS module which transmits the position securely back to the platforms mapping system.

The MP30 Handheld Transceivers feature much of the same capabilities as Axnes’ MP50 units, but are designed as the non-submersible version. They are, however, robustly built and withstand heavy rain, mud, snow and cold temperatures. The MP30 uses a single-band UHF antenna and can optionally be equipped with a GPS module. The MP30 incorporates an optional Bluetooth module as well, allowing connection to cellphones and other Bluetooth devices.

This can be especially useful when you are working far away from other operators or teams and need to cover great distances, while working in a noisy environment. The MP30 comes with different connectors of which the US-Nato connector is by default installed.

On-board and table chargers

The PNG handhelds can be charged using on-board chargers, such as the CHG35 and CHG55, or by using the table chargers.

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Products & services

  • CP50 PNG Control Panel

    Axnes offers a dedicated control panel to operate the PNG base station in an easy and simple way. The control panel is designed with a DZUS 146mm mechanical format, five height units, to be installed in the platform.

  • BST50 PNG Base Station

    The PNG base station is the heart of the system and shall be installed in the platform and connected to the wired ICS. The Base station supports multiple audio connections.

  • BST30/35 PNG Mobile Base Station

    The PNG BST30 and BST35 are mobile versions of the PNG base station which will be operated as a standalone base or connected to a wired ICS. The base stations support two audio connections.

  • MP50 PNG Transceiver

    The MP50 is the high-end transceiver of the Polycon Next Generation (PNG) wireless intercom system. MP50 has HEMS, SAR, C-SAR and special mission operations in mind and has unmatched adaptive noise canceling capabilities.

  • MP30 PNG Transceiver

    The MP30 is the most versatile transceiver of the PNG product family. The MP30 was designed with demanding tactical missions in mind. The unit provides a rugged full metal housing that enables reliable operation in demanding environments such as mud, heavy rain or snow.

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