Axnes offers a dedicated control panel to operate the PNG base station in an easy and simple way. The control panel is designed with a DZUS 146mm mechanical format, five height units, to be installed in the platform. The control panel is connected to the base station via a dedicated CAN bus. An additional power supply is not required, as power is
supplied by the base station through the same cable.

This results in an easy and simple wiring installation. The control panel provides a USB interface connector to the base station. This interface gives easy access to the base station for system setup, programming and firmware updates. The control panel is remotely dimmable and may be wired to a central dimming system. A simple and intuitive human machine interface provides easy system operation such as channel selection, mode changes for multimode, position reporting of outside crew and gives visual status reports on the system to the crew. An NVG class B compliant PNG control panel is also available.

  • Qualified according to DO-160G
  • Qualified according to DO-178C
  • Delivered with EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of
    Conformity (CofC)