The MP50 is the high-end transceiver of the Polycon Next Generation (PNG) wireless intercom system. MP50 has HEMS, SAR, C-SAR and special mission operations in mind and has unmatched adaptive noise canceling capabilities.

The ruggedized device is certified to IP68 to withstand dust and even makes it submersible. The MP50 is smartly designed in a rugged full metal housing that enables reliable operation in demanding environments.

AXNES PNG utilizes state-of-the-art softwaredefined radio technology working in the UHF band for intercom functions. The MP50 is a dual band transceiver, incorporating also a Maritime VHF band communication to increase the communication ability of the outside crew to other resources. Using the VHF as a Maritime VHF will add safety for outside crew during marine operations, and when configured as a maritime VHF the MP50 is equipped with a maritime AIS transmitter. A crewmember in an emergency may activate the AIS transmitter and be located and supported by all platforms in his vicinity. Due to its unique noise cancelling technology NIVOX® the MP50 can be used in extremely loud environments.

To increase operational safety, the MP50 is equipped with a highly sensitive 48 channel GPS receiver. This allows fast and precise location of MP50 equipped crewmembers. The MP50 can provide its position via secure data channel, triggered by the base and report the position data of outside crew to other systems in the platform such as radar or map display.

MP50 is equipped with “Voice Tagging”, meaning all changes on the transceivers such as mode, channel, volume, will be announced via aural messages in the users headset/helmet. Also, status messages will be voice tagged such as battery low.

Due to voice tagging the user will recognize unintended changes immediately; fail settings can be avoided. Furthermore,the system can be operated without looking at the transceivers display.

  • Qualified according to DO-160G
  • Delivered with a Certificate of Conformity (CofC)

For more information, please download the product information sheet on this page.