The PNG base station is the heart of the system and shall be installed in the platform and connected to the wired ICS. The Base station supports multiple audio connections.

In addition to the ICS, the base station can be connected to other installed radios via the platform’s audio control interface or via dedicated audio interfaces. It can deliver a PTT signal to these radios, thereby the wireless users are able to address platform installed
radio systems and can use the platform as a relay through his mobile transceiver.

The PNG base station is controlled by a dedicated AXNES control panel CP50.

The base station supports up to two antennas, one for in-cabin installation and one for an external antenna. The base station is supplied by the platforms internal power. Two power inputs are available, one for main power supply and one for emergency or backup power supply.

  • Qualified according to DO-178C
  • Delivered with EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of
    Conformity (CofC)