The PNG BST30 and BST35 are mobile versions of the PNG base station which will be operated as a standalone base or connected to a wired ICS. The base stations support two audio connections.

The BST30 comes without an internal battery. Both units can be powered by the vehicle’s DC bus, accepting 11 to 33VDC, while the BST35 is powered by a 70Wh internal Lithium Ion battery which provides up to 10h of continuous operation. The battery is charged through a USB-C charger or the vehicle’s DC bus.

The system is designed for ease of use with glove friendly buttons and a night vision friendly dimmable display.

The system provides support for a wired microphone headset connected directly to the base providing the operator with wired access to the intercom loop, or if connected to the platform ICS, extending the audio connection to avoid occupying platform audio resources. The system can be connected to installed radios via the platform’s audio control interface or via dedicated audio interfaces. It can supply a PTT signal, – thereby
providing direct remote access to platform installed radios, and it can provide GPS data from connected remote transceivers to map displays.

The PNG system supports two simultaneous intercom loops. Several remote users are supported, and two groups of wireless PNG users can be defined and linked to respective loops in the platform ICS. ICS loops may be selectively addressed by the crew during the mission. The system can mix intercom loops which enables crew members to listen to both loops while selectively choosing to talk on a single loop.

The system’s compact and versatile design make it easy to transport. It is built to IP67 standards in a rugged powder coated aluminium chassis. Its rugged design enables it to withstand dust, moisture and harsh environmental conditions.

Mounting brackets and pouches are available for securely strapping the system onto the platform or as a manpack option.

For more information, please download the product information sheet on this page.