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High Reliability Mobile Robots and Reconnaissance Devices

PIAP is a Polish designer and producer of EOD/IEDD robots (INSPECTOR, EXPERT, SCOUT, IBIS and EXPLORER device).

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PIAP is a Polish designer and producer of EOD/IEDD robots (INSPECTOR, EXPERT, SCOUT, IBIS and EXPLORER device). Since 2000 PIAP has been a permanent supplier of mobile robots and robotic devices for special forces (Police, Army, Border Guard, Government Protection Bureau). A growing terrorism threat and development of techniques used by terrorists increased the demands for the equipment supporting missions of special forces.

To meet this requirements PIAP’s engineers constantly work on new intelligent devices, which will make easier tasks of special forces.

INSPECTOR – strong robot with great capacities

Within the class of heavy robots INSPECTOR stands out from competitors with its enormous towing power, lifting capacity of the manipulator and ability to operate in difficult conditions and various terrains.

Unique features of the INSPECTOR robot:

EXPERT EOD / IEDD inspection robot is specially designed to search inside means of transport (airplanes, buses, trains, ships) and other kinds of confined spaces.
The EXPERT robot is designed for the inspection and neutralisation of hazardous devices.
INSPECTOR is an EOD / IEDD inspection robot with exception load carrying abilities.
The INSPECTOR robot can inspect and handle hazardous devices and materials up to 60kg.
The EXPLORER DEVICE remote viewing system for the inspection of difficult to reach and confined spaces.
  • The robot can tow vehicles left in any gear of a mass of up to 1,500 kg
  • Front caterpillars (remote control of tilt angle) increase traction abilities, longitudinal stability and enable smooth motion on stairs, as well as highly uneven terrain
  • The manipulator is able to lift 30 kg on extended arms and 60 kg on folded arms

EXPERT – the robot for any kind of urban operation

Designed specially to be used in all means of transport such as airplanes, buses, trains, ships, and inside small and cramped places. The robot is equipped with a gripper which is able to reach up to three meters.

Unique features of EXPERT robot:

  • It’s construction combines two contradictory needs: small mobile with high range manipulator
  • Robot is equipped with six cameras: main camera, gripper camera, back camera, front camera, manipulator’s camera and additionall two color cameras, placed on the sides of the front caterpillars, which enables the inspection of, e.g. place under seats

SCOUT- small robotized unit for reconnaissance

The robot SCOUT basic moving assembly consists of hybrid system (caterpillars-wheels), but if necessary, a moving wheels can be dismantled.

Solid construction of small dimensions and small weight with dynamic driving system provides high maneuverability and high speed of the robot (10 km/ hr). SCOUT robot can be adapted to various applications: neutralization of explosives, negotiations with terrorists, recording of operation course.

Application of the robot can be multiplied by mounting additional devices on its mobile base i.e.: manipulator with a grip, cameras, additional front caterpillars, handle and cabling for recoilless disrupter, digital camera and cabling for recording the vision and microphone signals, chemical contamination detector, X-ray device, fibre-optic cable with active automatic roller.

Unique features of SCOUT robot:

  • Module robot structure enables for an easy and swift replacement of any additional equipment
  • The robot is able to carry loads with its manipulator – from 2 kg (with the manipulator fully extended) up to 5kg (with folded manipulator)

IBIS – the robot for pyrotechnic and combat missions

It is designed especially for operations in difficult and diverse terrain (including sand, snow, rocks). High speed of the robot enables taking dynamic actions. Robot’s manipulator provide big range of activities and applications. Precision drive system gives fluidity of the movement of every part of the robot, even during fast ride.

Unique features of IBIS robot:

  • High speed of the robot (8.5km/h.)
  • Mobile platform with six-wheel drive
  • Huge lifting capacity of the robot’s arm (15 kg – unfolded arm, 30 kg – folded arm)

Explorer device – remote viewing system

Explorer is a camera with set of different length telescope extension arms, which makes an inspection of difficult to reach and tight spaces extremely easy.

The device have a wide range of use: an inspection of difficult to reach and high risk tight spaces, vehicles and suspicious packages, protection and object inspection and support of counter-terrorist operations.


  • Minirex Tactical Robot

    The minirex lightweight tactical robot is developed by Lobaev Robotics, which is owned by Russian weapons manufacturer KB Integrated Systems.

  • Uran-6 Mine-Clearing Robot

    Uran-6 is a multi-functional, mine-clearing robotic system manufactured by JSC 766 UPTK for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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