AD Rem LEZ is a dedicated member of an industry-leading military and hazardous goods logistics network that specialises in the collection and delivery of weapons, ammunition, and other freight for defence manufacturers and integrators.

Based near the seaport of Klaipėda in Lithuania, one of the busiest ports in the Baltic region, AD Rem LEZ provides its global client base with first-class logistical services, focusing on complete air, sea and land-based forwarding solutions.

Military equipment and vehicle transportation services

We are ready to provide our clients with all necessary documentation, including official authorisations, permits, and transit licenses, as well as organised security escorts to ensure compliance and safety.

Whether by land, sea or air, we can effectively coordinate the transportation of a wide range of sensitive defence industry materials, such as:

  • Ammunition (live or inert)
  • Heavy units, including tanks, submarines, armored personnel carriers (APC), and large components
  • Explosives for military and civil applications
  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Armament

Experienced personnel for military cargo handling

Unexpected events can be extremely costly for both sellers and buyers, which is why AD Rem LEZ supplies staff for added security.

Our personnel can assist in transporting military goods from their initial storing place to the final destination, ensuring optimal security is maintained at all times.

AD Rem LEZ has extensive experience in the handling and transportation of military equipment and a wide range of dangerous materials, including class 1 goods and explosives.

We offer transport and logistics solutions for oversized loads, providing a reliable and efficient solution without compromising on safety and security.

Customisable cargo shipping solutions for the defence industry

Our long-term experience and large network of selected specialists allows us to provide our clients with a customisable service they can count on.

Services offered by AD Rem LEZ include:

  • Warehousing services
  • Technical services and information technology for the defence industry
  • Spares and reverse logistics
  • Tooling and maintenance parts logistics

About AD Rem LEZ

AD Rem LEZ is one of the largest providers of logistics, transport and warehousing solutions in Lithuania.

The company has an international client-base and works with commercial and trading customers across multiple industries, including the defence, chemical, mining, and oil sectors.

AD Rem LEZ is an experienced partner for both civil and military logistics that is capable of meeting even the most demanding military contractual and service requirements.

The company is responsive to the demands of dynamic schedules and operations and aims to provide the highest quality service at competitive rates.