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Altadrea Manufacturing Company (TMC)

Manufacturer of Bulletproof Glass and Armoured Vehicles

Altadrea Manufacturing Company (TMC) is one of the largest manufacturers of armoured vehicles and bulletproof glass in Saudi Arabia.

Altadrea Manufacturing Company (TMC) manufactures armoured vehicles and bulletproof glass for defence and security clients worldwide.

Altadrea’s product portfolio includes luxury vehicles, military combat units and APCs. The company also specially manufactures armoured products to suit a wide range of client security requirements.

Considered to be the first company in Saudi Arabia to specialise in armored vehicles, Altadrea currently has one of the largest shares in the armoured vehicles market in the Middle East.

Military vehicles for use in all terrains

Altadrea’s ‘Storm’ vehicles are capable of handling any terrain and can be configured to serve multiple purposes.

This family of armoured combat vehicles consists of Storm I (CEN/B7), Storm II (CEN/B7), and Storm XL (CEN/B7). All models can be individually designed to operate in a variety of roles, such as ambulances or command and control units.

Altradea’s ‘Fox’ model is a light tactical vehicle used to patrol borders and harsh off-road areas, making it an ideal choice for military use.

Other armoured products manufactured by the company include heavy machinery, cash-in transit vehicles, ambulances, buses, guardrooms, military-grade mobile workshop, weapons carrier, and shields.

Bulletproof glass and ceramics for armoured vehicles

Altadrea’s certified bulletproof glass factory is the first and only in Saudi Arabia. It has the capacity to produce more than 20,000m2 of glass annually and offers STANAG 4569 IV protection levels.

Bulletproof glass is available in many shapes and sizes and can be installed in armoured vehicles, tanks, buses, banks, embassies, and government buildings.

Vehicle customisation and specially designed turrets and gear rings

Altadrea’s vehicle customisation department offers products that include telecommunication vehicles, command and control units, disaster vehicles, police cars, and water rescue vehicles.

The company also designs and manufactures its own turrets and gear rings as part of its mission to offer only the highest quality products. Items available include turrets with special gun mounts and optional converters that can equip multiple weapons.

Multipurpose features for bespoke vehicle design

Altadrea vehicles can be equipped with several features, such as RWS (remote weapon station), C4ISR integration system, CTIS (central tyre inflation system), grenade launcher, thermal imager and night-vision camera, intercom system, and UGV (unmanned group vehicle) application.

Specialist maintenance centre for vehicle upgrades

An extensive range of military vehicles and machinery can be serviced from Altadrea’s specialist maintenance centre.

Services available include the upgrade and refurbishment of out of service military vehicles and heavy machinery, as well as the quick supply of spare parts to clients across the Middle East.

Altadrea Manufacturing Company (TMC)

Eastern Ring Rd Ext,

Al Mishal,

Riyadh 14325

Saudi Arabia