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Design, Development and Manufacture of High-Tech Defence Equipment

4 avenue des Trois Peuples,

4 avenue des Trois Peuples,


Some names require no explanation. Names that immediately convey the right quality and values. Names you know and trust implicitly. One such name is ATERMES.

For more than 25 years, ATERMES has been involved in the design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of onboard equipment in the harshest operational conditions.

Since 1989, ATERMES has become a group of approximately 200 people, mainly engineers and highly qualified manpower, located on two sites:

  • Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines, Paris suburbs): head office, R&D
  • Salbris (Loir et Cher): production centre

Thanks to the following strengths:

  • R&D laboratories
  • CAD drawing platforms
  • Software development platforms
  • Integration platforms
  • Workshops of prototype or multi-unit production
  • Manufacture workshops
  • Clean rooms

ATERMES designs, develops and manufactures high-tech equipment, for the defence industry, aeronautics, space and telecommunications.

ATERMES is a partner of choice for defence and industry leaders with a view of costs and development time reduction, and quality and flawless performance achievement.

With its unrivaled complementary skills, ATERMES is able to propose competitive system and subsystem solutions tailored to customer requirements, integrating ATERMES expertise in electronics, computer science, mechanics and optronics.

Thanks to these competencies, ATERMES offers to its customers:

  • In-depth knowledge of standards and other issues specific to the defense industry (GAM lists, environmental considerations, document standards, etc)
  • AQAP110/ISO 9001-level QA system
  • Compliance with the requirements of armament quality assurance
  • Experience of on-board installation and operational design maintenance
  • Vehicle integration of embedded systems
  • Embedded software development
  • MMI software with dedicated workshop for GIS

BARIER™ – land and sea border protection system

The BARIER™ is a border control system composed of autonomous sentry beacons, which are deployed quickly on strategic viewpoints to protect up to 40km of border, and linked by radio to a central control post.

ARADO – 2D Doppler radar

ARADO is a 2D Doppler radar, dedicated to moving objects detection and localisation.

NOCTUA – marine optronic head system

NOCTUA is gyro-stabilised system dedicated to night-and-day surveillance and sea rescue for patrol boat, with automatic detection and video tracking.

ARTEMIS – ruggedised PC

ARTEMIS’ flexibility makes it useful for various kinds of military, paramilitary and industrial missions as a ready-to-integrate tactical terminal.

ATLANTIS – smart remote control

ATLANTIS is a user-friendly tablet designed to interface with all kinds of unmanned vehicle and surveillance systems.

ATLANTIS – Smart Remote Control

ATLANTIS is designed to be the smart and intuitive remote control interface of all kinds of unmanned vehicle systems thanks to its gyroscopic sensors, joysticks and radio interface.

BARIER™ Border Control Solution

The BARIER™ system is a turnkey solution for border protection, coast surveillance or specific areas to be temporally secured.


4 avenue des Trois Peuples