The BARIER™ system is a turnkey solution for border protection, coast surveillance or specific areas to be temporally secured.
Based on a patented concept of a network of robotized sentry-beacons, BARIER™ system is designed to be deployed in less than half a day.

The beacons are distributed on strategic viewpoints by non-skilled border troops, creating a 3km to 5km deep virtual buffer zone. With only one system, depending on terrain configuration, up to 40km of border line can be continuously monitored within a mission.
Once in place, the system allows for a continuous night and day surveillance mission with a small crew in the most unexpected rugged terrain.

Each BARIER™ system is composed of eight sentry-beacons, two dispenser armored vehicles and one command and control vehicle.

Each sentry beacon includes an electro-optical platform carrying a mix of high resolution TV camera, thermal imagers, laser range finder, radar and communications antennae.

Thanks to its solar panels and battery, each beacon is fully 24hr, seven days a week autonomous.

The system allows for a long-term permanent automatic surveillance of difficult access areas (like mountains, deserts, creeks…). The system can be quickly deployed in order to establish a remote surveillance along extensive stretches of border regions, closing blind spots between static systems to help control of illegal migrancy, drug or weapon traffic.