NOCTUA is a marine gyro-stabilised optronic head, dedicated to surveillance and sea rescue for patrol boat.

NOCTUA is equipped with both high resolution "day" camera and thermal 3-5µm camera for night observation (3-5µm : wavelength of choice for long ranges in marine conditions).

Inside the NOCTUA head, a powerful integrated computer allows automatic detection and video tracking.

With a high performance search light and the automatic video tracking, NOCTUA brings a real dissuasive effect -for surveillance application-, or a reassuring effect – for rescue application, to help boat patrol in its mission : once detected, the objective is automatically tracked and illuminated by the search light.

Unlike many systems that requires the boat commander to drive while watching a screen, NOCTUA allows a direct view of the objective through the window.

This head is specially adapted to very fast patrol boat.

In an interoperability mode with a radar, the smart rallying to the target is particularly efficient, thanks to the speed of rotation and the gyro-stabilization.

Key technical specifications:

  • Thermal camera optical zoom : 1.4°- 22°
  • CMOS 24Mpixels camera : FOV : 0.8 – 8°
  • High performance search light : 12M cd ( 3 km range ); zoom beam : 0,5° – 20°

Gyro-stabilized pan & tilt:

  • Rotary slip ring
  • Tilt -90°, +40°
  • speed 100°/s
  • Acceleration 90°/s²
  • Pointing accuracy 0.01°


  • small boats: D/R/I = 7.1 / 3.3 / 1.7nm
  • Helicopters: D/R/I = 9.1 / 4.2 / 2.3nm
  • Vessels : D/R/I = 19 / 16.7 / 13.2nm
  • Automatic detection : three pixels