ATLANTIS is designed to be the smart and intuitive remote control interface of all kinds of unmanned vehicle systems thanks to its gyroscopic sensors, joysticks and radio interface.

ATLANTIS is also designed to be the smart remote control for surveillance systems, such as optronic or radar heads, with full support of cartographic tools thanks to its powerful GPU.

ATLANTIS can be powered by any kind of tactical battery already in the crew mission package, thanks to its specific smart adaptor.

ATLANTIS is equipped with state of the art processor technology and the most advanced MMI features :

  • Capacitive multitouch panel
  • Two precise thumb joysticks
  • One 3D gyroscopic sensor

ATLANTIS is equipped with ready to use embedded radio control technology :

  • WiFi master
  • 3G / 4G
  • Video framegrabber

ATLANTIS is compatible with tactical cartographic softwares :

  • GPS
  • Tactical IP radio link