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Custom Fuel Tanks and Components for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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Combining state-of-the art technology with extensive experience in the defense sector, PALBAM has consolidated a reputation for supplying cutting edge custom fuel tanks, armored plating and custom components to an industry which demands excellence. PALBAM is currently acting as a certified supplier of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Rafael, and is an ISO 9001 certified company.

From conception to installation, all of PALBAM’s custom components are developed to client specifications. The company is capable of working with the full spectrum of metal alloys, with PALBAM’s AMTS magnesium division able to manufacture structural components from magnesium, which offers greater strength and lighter weight than aluminium.

Custom fuel tanks for armored APCs and tanks

The fuel tank is the most vulnerable part of any armored fighting vehicle – if it suffers significant damage or malfunction, the whole vehicle can be left immobilized and helpless. It is therefore paramount for any force fielding a significant amount of armored fighting vehicles to ensure that they have the most reliable and secure fuel tanks possible to guarantee operational success.

PALBAM custom fuel tanks are designed and manufactured to client specifications and standards. The fuel tank systems can be made from 304L stainless steel sheets that provide protection from corrosion and fire, as well as from aluminium or from a variety of other metal alloys based on customer requirements. PALBAM custom fuel tanks are used by fighting vehicles, including the Merkava tanks, the Namer and Achzarit APCs and more.

PALBAM custom fuel and water tanks are used in the Merkana tanks, the Namer and Achzarit APCs and more.
PALBAM’s fuel tanks undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they comply with all military standards.
PALBAM’s armored plating can be made from a variety of alloys, including steel and titanium, based on customer requirements.
PALBAM armored plating is used by armored vehicles all over the world, such as the AAV 7 and Storm APCs, as well as the Bradley.
Working closely with the client, we can supply a complete range of complex components, including those made from magnesium and a variety of other metals.

PALBAM’s custom fuel tanks include flange support, components and accessories, offering clients a complete solution. All fuel tanks are made by TIG welding technology and go through full military testing requirements including vibration and pressure leakage testing.

Armored plating

PALBAM provides unique solutions for armored plating utilizing several technologies to suit each client’s requirements. Our armored plating includes passive or reactive protectors, as well as other technologies which protect the armored fighting vehicle. PALBAM has manufactured plating for the Bradley fighting vehicle, the AAV 7 and the Storm APCs.

Custom components for armored fighting vehicles

PALBAM can provide most complex components for systems that are used in armored fighting vehicles, including designing and manufacturing water tanks as well as water tank rehabilitation.

Working closely with the client to provide a bespoke solution, we can supply some of the most complex components for armored fighting vehicle systems, including the design and manufacture of base holders for fuel pump systems installed on a number of armored fighting vehicles.


PALBAM Defence and Aerospace Division divides its expertise between established products and customised solutions for clients requiring innovative, quality controlled metal fabrication. In order to meet the demands and specifications of our customer, we maintain the highest levels of manufacturing capabilities and standards.

PALBAM has more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing complete metal and stainless steel projects and structural components for the military industries. All our products and services meet our clients’ highest expectations for quality.


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