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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) division of Phoenix International

Prowler Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LTATV)

Phoenix International Systems, Inc.,
812 W. Southern Avenue,
CA 92865,
United States of America

Phoenix International Systems, Inc.,
812 W. Southern Avenue,
CA 92865,
United States of America

The Prowler LTATV from the all terrain Vehicle division of Phoenix International Systems is the only light tactical wheeled vehicle of its class that is purpose-built for the military, with its design and construction based on actual field recommendations and evaluation input from actual military operations.

Prowlers offer unique advantages that overcome the severe limitations of generic recreational ATVs (including those “modified for military use”) in terms of endurance, reliability, operator control and safety. While similar in size and appearance to a typical ATV, the Prowler RTV is completely different in operation, structural design and performance. Prowlers are faster, more rugged, reliable and stable, and can pull or carry greater payloads than any ATV-type vehicle made.

Prowler: a proven internally-transportable vehicle (ITV)

The Prowler is the only LTATV that is a proven internally transportable vehicle (ITV) for the lightest of cargo aircraft. Its weight and dimensional envelope allows it to be easily deployed in aircraft such as the CV-22 Tilt Rotor aircraft and most cargo helos. For deployment in helo’s core restricted cargo/crew access dimensions, Prowler offers a “pivot lock” ROPS that eliminates any requirement for disassembly/assembly effort ensuring immediate deployment of a fully equipped and crewed vehicle upon touchdown.

Prowler light tactical vehicle applications

Prowler Light Tactical Vehicles provide unique light tactical mobility platform capability for use in non-traditional combat, reconnaissance and logistic support with an unmatched combination of proven mission critical characteristics:

  • Rugged and reliable performance in any terrain or climate and at any altitude
  • Easily deployed, including as an ITV by aircraft such as the CV-22 and most cargo helicopters
  • Multi-mission configurable for assault, ISR, SAR or logistic support
  • Unparalleled operator protection

Since its introduction in 2002, the Prowler has been deployed by military forces across a wide range of combat, reconnaissance and SAR missions around the world. Prowler field testing has resulted in enthusiastic AARs (after action reports) from the military emphasizing the vehicle’s outstanding performance in terms of safety, endurance, reliability, and adaptability.

Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platform

In addition to its classic mission, the versatile Prowler platform has been and is being used in a number of autonomous robotic and remotely controlled applications, including IED and Mine Sweeping and EOD.

Prowler performance and features

Prowler hallmark all-terrain performance – exceptional stability, endurance, speed, power, reliability and versatility – is based upon the Prowler’s standard configuration that provides:

  • Powerful V-Twin liquid-cooled engine
  • Fully automatic, all range, four wheel drive
  • Front and rear independent double wishbone adjustable suspension
  • Sealed tubular steel construction with chromealloy ROPS (exceeds SAE J1524/ISO3471)
  • 24VDC auxiliary power system
  • Low center of gravity, tight turning radius and high ground clearance
  • Speeds of up 75 mph
  • Payload capacity 1600lb
  • Range up to 300 miles
  • 3000 lb towing capacity
  • 4,000 lb wireless remote controlled winch
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-209K/NATO 3548TN, MIL-STD-882D

Availability under general services administration contract GS-03F-0056T

The Prowler is manufactured by All Terrain Vehicle Corporation, a subsidiary of Phoenix International Systems (Orange, California), an A9100/ISO9001:2008 Certified SDVOSB Manufacturer that has been supplying state of the art COTS products in support of military operations since 1993. It is available under GSA Schedule Contract No. GS-03F-0056T.

Phoenix International Introduces Prowler Emergency Response Vehicles

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Latest Prowler LTATV Platform Features Enhanced Speed, Power and Stability

Phoenix International Systems today unveiled an enhanced version of its all terrain vehicle division’s Prowler light tactical all terrain vehicle (LTATV), the only vehicle in the LTATV-class that is purpose built, designed and produced for military applications including ISR, SAR, assault, crew s

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Corp.

Phoenix International Systems, Inc.

812 W. Southern Avenue

CA 92865



United States of America