Creative Composites specialises in advanced composite design, analysis, prototyping, and production for efficient and cost-effective solutions to materials engineering problems.

With over a quarter of a century of experience and familiarity with many materials and processing methods, our engineering team is able to quickly home-in on effective structures with minimal developmental effort by creating practical and manufacturable designs.

Our cutting-edge in-house engineering capabilities give us immediate feedback and direction in arriving at highly performing solutions.

Engineering and design solutions for the defence industry

A full range of CAD/CAE tools allows us to utilise our customers’ data, or come up with our own.

In-house CREO Parametric and Advanced Simulate means no design is too large to deal with, and coupled with our other advanced analysis software tools, a fully-developed structure can be evaluated before material and manufacturing costs are accrued.

We also work closely with engineering specialists to ensure that a great design that can’t actually be made won’t enter the development phase.

High-quality materials for demanding military applications

There are many paths to an acceptable part. Whether it be the lightweight stiffness of carbon or economical performance of fiberglass, Creative Composites has worked with a broad range of material systems.

We can even assist in creating new resin blends or fabric architectures to suit the unique requirements of the defence industry.

Cutting-edge manufacturing processes and facilities

We do not have a ‘favourite’ material or process to use – performance requirements and economics drive what a component is made of and how it is made.

From RTM and VARTM for liquid molding to Press Molding and Oven Curing for prepregs, Creative Composites, Inc. routinely employs various processes driven by the requirements of the system being made.

Our facilities include 1,400t and 700t presses for compression molding and RTM, 5-axis waterjets and CNC-routers, two CNC VMCs, large automotive paint booth/bake oven, Alodine dipping tanks, in-house MIG & TIG welding equipment, resin injection machines, and adhesive dispensing for bonding assemblies.

Quality control and prototyping

Dedicated inspection room housing CMM and Laser Scanning and Faro Probing Arm.  Facility-wide MRP tracks real-time material usage and labor for traceability down to the individual component on up through final assembly.  We know who made what, with what, how and when for each deliverable item.

We have made many “first of its kind” items – from small machined components to large, complex assemblies of parts made from many different materials and processes.