Confections Carcajou is a family-owned business that specialises in the manufacturing and supply of military and tactical gear for the defence industry.

High quality tactical and military gear for defence operations

Confections Carcajou is constantly evolving and improving its equipment and methods in order to provide its clients with some of the highest quality, most practical, and best looking military gear available of the market.

Some of the kit we offer includes military belts, gym bags, ranger blankets, shaving cases and kits, and wallets.

We have also recently introduced a Covid-19 product line, consisting of masks, face shields, and ear savers specially designed for military personnel.

All of our products are proudly made in Canada.

Research and development services for innovative military solutions

At Confections Carcajou, we work in close collaboration with our clients to create and customise a product that fits their individual needs and respects our quality standards. This ensures that we provide customers with the first-rate service they deserve.

Our main clients are Canada’s Department of National Defense and multiple specialised Canadian law enforcement units. In addition, we offer our research and development services to private clients. 

We have increased our quality standard throughout the years so we can now compete with the big names in the industry.

Our team is dynamic and we can adapt our production floor depending on the need of our client or on the current situation.

Advanced weapon sling system

Confections Carcajou has designed and developed a weapon sling system, currently used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

The CC-RTDP small arms sling was made to meet to high standards of the Canadian Department of National Defense. We have manufactured over 50,000 units of the sling system over the last three years.

About Confections Carcajou

Confections Carcajou is a veteran owned and operated business that was founded in 2006 and is based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Founder and president André De Carufel has served as an infantry man with the Royal 22nd Regiment, followed by the Canadian Airborne Regiment as a Paratrooper.

At the end of his military career, De Carufel joined the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer as a Material Technician. That is where he learned the skills that would propel his second career.

At Confections Carcajou, our team is constantly evolving to meet the new standards and requirement of the industry. Our goal is to expand our market and supply our solutions to defence organisations internationally.