Hidrofilt Ltd is a Hungarian OEM company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of water treatment and industrial water treatment. The company is also a designer and manufacturer of containerised and mobile water treatment solutions.

Complete drinking water systems

Hidrofilt offers containerised or mobile plants for surface water, ground water, brackish water and seawater treatment. The applied water treatment technology depends on the raw water characteristic that changes case-to-case, so our solutions are specifically designed customised systems.

The applied main technology can be conventional (for example, lamella separation, flotation, media filtration, activated carbon filtration, ion exchange) or membrane separation (micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis de-salination, electro de-ionisation) or the combination of both.

Hidrofilt arsenic removal container.
Front view of a Hidrofilt arsenic removal container.
Hidrofilt container with reverse osmosis (RO) technology.
Reverse osmosis (RO) technology container.
Hidrofilt solar energy containers.
Hidrofilt drinking water container.
Drinking water is usually processed from high-salinity water (seawater and brackish water) and ground water surface water (rivers and lakes).
Water treatment technology is elaborated according to the raw water characteristics.
The HidroWell-Sea Multi is designed especially for sea or brackish water desalination.
Permanent waterworks from containers.

Hidrofilt mobile systems are built in industrial quality. The systems have low electric and chemical demand, and alternative energy supply such as solar cells can be also applied for the operation. They are fully automatic with a possibility of on-line monitoring and require minimal supervision.

Containerised solutions – HidroWell ® mobile water treatment systems

Hidrofilt uses 10ft, 20ft or 40ft containers suitable for overseas transportation, which can be prepared for various weather conditions. Container built drinking water production systems fulfill requirements of small communities, camps, military facilities or disaster relief. The standard capacities can be enhanced with parallel connection of containers.

Containers for surface and well water

Hidrofilt can offer containerised mobile water plants with standard filtration technologies depending on the raw water quality. Iron and manganese removal, suspended solids removal, arsenic removal, activated carbon filtration or the combination of these including chemical dosing.

Another option can include the membrane technology (micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis). The size and the design of the unit can be customised considering the water source quality and customer requirements.

Containers for brackish and sea water

Containerised mobile plants with reverse osmosis (RO) technology (multi-stage if needed), including necessary pre-treatment such as separation (SEP), flotation (FL), multimedia filtration (MMF) and ultra-filtration (UF) with sufficient dosing systems.

The HidroWell product line stands from mobile water and industrial wastewater treatment systems for variable fields and applications. HidroWell products are standard and semi standard systems that we can flexibly design for the customer requirements. Each system is produced with the highest Hidrofilt quality.

HidroWell-A for drinking water

Drinking water supply from various types of water (A1 – from surface water, A2 – from well water, A3 – from seawater). Problematic water parameters such as high iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia, or boron content can be treated with HidroWell-A mobile plants.

HidroWell-B for industry and agriculture

Processing of water for technologies with special water demand. Irrigation water treatment for agricultural and horticultural purposes. Salt, iron and manganese removal for the industry. (B1 – desalinated water from drinking water, B2 – desalinated water from surface water, B3 – desalinated water from well water, B4 – desalinated water from seawater).

HidroWell-C for our environment

Treatment of wastewater of industries. Ground water cleaning (removal of heavy metals, organic pollutants etc) or treatment of leachate landfills. (C1 – Industrial wastewater treatment, C2 – Leachate landfills treatment)

The HidroWell-Sea Multi is specifically designed for sea or brackish water desalination. The main advantage of these containers is that they can produce water for domestic and for drinking purpose at the same time.

The technology contains ultra-filters and reverse osmosis units. The ultra-filters have two purposes: one is the domestic water production and the other is the reverse osmosis pre-treatment. After both treatment process, the storage tank is used as a buffer. The containers are available in various sizes with a wide capacity range.


More than 180 mobile drinking water treatment plants operate in Hungary. These plants include various water treatments such as iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia, sodium and boron removal including disinfection.

Drinking water supply for oil / gas extraction camps based on brackish water desalination in Russia.

Irrigation water treatment with brackish water desalination in Jordan.

Several chlorine-dioxide generation systems in Hungary for food industry and process water applications.

In addition to mobile water treatment, Hidrofilt is a significant supplier of water works and industrial water treatment systems for municipalities and the whole industry, including oil and gas, energy, pharmaceutical and the food industry.

Hidrofilt can ensure all advantages of buying products and complete turn key technology directly from the manufacturer.