MMIC is a leading designer and manufacturer of fully integrated shelter systems for the global marketplace. MMIC’s family of deployable shelter systems have been US military standards and nuclear, biological and chemical protection-tested and approved. By offering a system solution with all primary operating systems integrated into the transport platform, mission readiness time is greatly decreased thus allowing for critical operations to begin immediately upon arrival.

Integrated shelter systems

MMIC offers a variety of integrated solution sets for medical, collective protection, command and control, and general purpose missions. The unique, modular design of MMIC’s shelters allow for full integration of power generation, environmental controls, LED lighting and integral air beam soft-wall shelters within ISO shelters; TRICONs; light tactical trailers, all-terrain trailers, and commercial trailers.

Uses include:

  • Mobile hospitals and battalion aide stations
  • Command posts
  • CBRNE and collective protection
  • General purpose and billeting

Mobile hospital

MMIC’s US Healthcare Code compliant ISO-based mobile operating room and patient wards provide all critical operating systems equivalent to a fixed hospital environment. Uniquely complexable, MMIC’s mobile hospital is manufactured with on board power, environmental controls, HEPA filtration, NBC protection, integrated hospital-grade LED lighting, modular cabinetry and humidity control. The basic building blocks for the mobile hospital utilize the Mobile Surgery Unit II™ and the Universal Support System™. Readily reconfigurable to meet intensive care, laboratory / pharmacy, general recovery and staff quarter needs.

Tactical mobility at its finest - a fully integrated collectively protected shelter system that provides 400 square feet of interior usable space that is fully operational in less than 10 minutes.
A U.S. Healthcare code compliant mobile operating room that brings equivalency of care to the theatre of operation. With push button controls, it is ready to use in minutes.
Unique, compact and highly versatile to meet a variety of far forward mission profiles. It goes where the Gator goes.
Customized configurations are scalable to meet specific customer requirements that offer the most advanced medical suites complete with HEPA filtration, medical gas distribution system, emergency power source, and humidity control.
Incident response time is readily met with MMIC's integrated Command and Control Shelter System. Two first responders can rapidly set up the air beam shelter in less than 10 minutes.

The utilization of advanced technology air beam soft-wall shelters allows for rapid deployment with minimal manpower.

Mobile command and control

MMIC’s mobile command and control shelter system offers the highest quality, fully integrated National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant Mobile Emergency Operations Command available. The six-station command post is configured in a 30 foot gooseneck trailer with an integrated 600 square foot air beam shelter that deploys directly off the rear ramp for an immediate large briefing area.

General purpose shelter systems

MMIC’s general purpose shelter systems are integrated solutions configured on Light Tactical Trailers (Mobile Single Pallet Unit™) and All Terrain Trailers (Expeditionary Shelter System) that are highly mobile solutions towable by HMMWV or 4-wheel vehicles. Designed to operate individually or connected together to form a larger far forward battalion aide station, command post or general living quarters.

Design integrity

All of MMIC’s shelter systems have been U.S. Military Standards tested and approved for durability, transportability and collective protection. By integrating the prime operating systems in the transport platform, we have significantly decreased logistical requirements as our system solutions are essentially are one piece.

Quality assurance

MMIC, located in St. Johnsbury Vermont, is ISO9001:2008 certified which attests to our commitment to full customer satisfaction. MMIC’s turnkey solutions have been designed with the US military and are being used around the world to support today’s warfighter.