Pico Electronics specialises in high-quality and reliable miniature power components for military applications.

We manufacture a full line of miniature DC-DC converters, transformers, and inductors, as well as customised modules and military upgrades. All of our transformers are able to operate in extreme temperatures from -55°-130°C.

Brick-type military DC-DC converters for defence applications

Pico supplies a wide assortment of quarter, half and full brick converters for applications requiring 2VDC to 500VDC outputs. Our components offer input ranges from 5VDC to 300VDC-900VDC in our new DC-3 series, and power ratings of up to 300W. Units are designed to be fully operational in harsh environmental conditions.

Pico’s low-profile ultra-miniature regulated, isolated, and adjustable modules offer output voltages from 2VDC to 10,000VDC, with power ratings from 0.75W to 300W. Package heights range is 0.2in-0.8in, with 3VDC up to 900VDC input voltages.

Pico Electronics has been manufacturing high-quality, reliable miniature power components since 1965.
Pico produces rugged miniature power components and specialises in mission critical military applications.
The company offers a full line of stock and custom miniature converters, including military/industrial, brick type, and low profile, with a wide range of power ratings and output voltages.
The company manufactures a full line of inductors, ranging from EMI, miniaturised power, Hi Q and High Current EMI to MIL-PRF-27 and MIL-PRF-27/356.
Pico’s wide assortment of transformers include audio, interface, 400Hz, Pulse, QPL, and DC-DC, and are manufactured to MIL- STD-202, MIL-PRF-27, MIL-1553, MIL-PRF-21038 and more.

The M, MV and MR series offer high reliability and are manufactured using MIL qualified components. Ambient operating temperatures of -55°C to 85°C are standard, with output voltages from 5VDC to 500VDC.

Hi-Power modules are encapsulated, with standard operating temperatures of -55° to 85°C. These modules are ideal for applications requiring output power of up to 100W, as well as wide input voltage requirements from 3.3VDC-350VDC.

Audio transformers for galvanic isolation and signal gain/loss

Pico’s miniature transformers are manufactured to meet MIL-STD-202 standards and to withstand thermal shock covering -55°C-130°C. Audio transformers are constructed to MIL-PRF-27 Grade 5 Class S. Units can be manufactured with a 300-thermal cycle guarantee.

Audio transformers can provide galvanic isolation, signal gain/loss, and feedback signal. They can also be used as a reference and match impedances between two interfaces.

Pulse and power transformers built to industry standards

Our pulse transformers are manufactured to MIL-STD-1553 command / response multiplex data bus requirements, MIL-PRF-21038 specifications, and Macair standards A3818, A5690, A5232, and A4905.

The common mode rejection ratio is greater than 45dB at 1MHz, while input impedance is more than 3,000 ohms over the band from 75kHz to 1MHz at 1V RMS. Pulse transformers possess exceptional waveform integrity, and rise and fall time is less than 100 nanoseconds. Overshoot and ringing is less than ±1V peak, while droop is less than 20%.

The 400Hz miniature and ultra-miniature power transformers are manufactured to MIL-PRF—27, Grade 5, Class S and are available in both surface-mount and thru-hole packages.

Robust pulse transformers for military use

Data bus pulse transformers are designed and manufactured to meet MIL-STD-1553 and MIL-PRF-21038 standards, and MAC air specifications A3818, A5690, A5232, and A4905. All catalogue transformers are manufactured to meet MIL-STD-202, method 107, and withstand thermal shock from -55°C to 130°C. Units can be manufactured with a 300-thermal cycle guarantee.

Pulse transformers are designed to meet QPL-MIL–PRF-21038/27 standards, and are in strict compliance with MIL–PRF–21038. Pico is the supplier for MIL-PRF-21038/27 -01 to -31 parts.

High input impedance ranges from 75kHz to 1MHz, -55°C-130°C, maximum 20% droop, and overshoot of 1V. Common mode rejection (CMR) is greater than 45dB. Units can withstand 100Vrms from primary to secondary, are epoxy encapsulated, and achieve MSL of three. Pico Electronics is qualified to test these transformers to level M and T.

DC-DC converter transformers for step-up or step-down converters

Pico’s DC–DC converter transformers are used in step-up or step-down converters, in self-saturated or square wave driven applications. Input voltages are 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V, while output voltages extend up to 300VDC, with power ratings to 7.5W for surface mount. The power ratings for thru-hole transformers go up to 40W and these units are magnetically shielded. The DC-DC Converter Transformers operate in temperatures of -55°C to 105°C and meet requirements for MIL-PRF-27 Grade 5 Class S.

EMI inductors for noise filtering

EMI common mode suppression inductors are used for noise filtering, spike, and output filtering applications in switching regulators, AC-DC/DC-DC power, and other electrical equipment to minimise interference with other equipment operating on the same power line. These inductors are manufactured to MIL-PRF-27, Grade 5, Class S requirements. Pico Electronics can manufacture and test our size one to five Thru-Hole Power Inductors to MIL-PRF-27/356 standards.