General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) provides tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, bridges, artillery, and ammunition for the land combat systems sector.

GDELS is a business unit of General Dynamics Corporation, which conducts its business through European operating sites located in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and now Czech Republic.

With more than 2,200 highly skilled technical employees and as one of the European leaders in the land combat systems sector. Moreover, it has a dynamic network of R&D centers and provides its global customer base an integrated logistics support, including operating theatres.

Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development (ASCOD) is an armoured fighting vehicle provided by GDELS.
EAGLE vehicles offer excellent mobility, an exceptional protection level, as well as a high payload, versus a low gross vehicle weight (GVW).
The upcoming 6x6 EAGLE vehicle will be a mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) armoured people carrier.
The M3 amphibious bridging and ferrying system is one of the most modern floating bridge systems on the market.
The PIRANHA 3 offer high-protection levels, internal volume, and excellent mobility.

Wheeled and tracked vehicles, bridging systems and artillery with worldwide integrated logistics

The firm’s main products comprise armored wheeled vehicles (PIRANHA, PANDUR, EAGLE, DURO), armored tracked vehicles (ASCOD), bridging systems (M3, IRB, REBS, IAB, MTB,…), artillery systems (SIAC) and large-calibre ammunitions (direct / indirect fire).

Mine-resistant protected family of vehicles with highest mobility

The EAGLE is based on the advanced DURO chassis technology. More than 5,000 units are fielded worldwide.

This family of vehicles offers the highest level of commonalities within the GDELS fleet of light tactical vehicles. The military off-the-shelf product features very high payload versus low gross vehicle weight (GVW). The vehicle is the best in class protection level and provides exceptional mobility.

Using cutting-edge technologies and innovative concepts, in the design of the crew cell and its mission modules, has set a new survivability standard for light tactical vehicles.

It includes certified and proven protection against mine, improvised explosive device (IED) and ballistic threats. The modularity of the vehicle allows it to be adapted to new threats encountered in-theatre.

The forthcoming 6×6 member increases the family of vehicles to include a mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) alternative type, 15t highly protected 6×6 armored personnel carrier (up to 2+9 passengers), while also delivering outstanding growth potential.

By using one platform covering all needs, the EAGLE family allows reduction of the through life support cost of the entire fleet.

The versatility and modularity allows for the optimum balance between strategic mobility, weight and protection, as well as tactical and operational mobility, modularity and flexibility.

The EAGLE is the vehicle of choice, allowing soldiers to use the four tactical methods without any constraint: offensive, defensive, security, and assistance. These factors usually hinder innovation.

Multi-role vehicles for stabilisation and the battlefield

The PIRANHA family of vehicles offers the features and performance required of a modern, multi-role vehicle. It is well-suited to practically any battlefield and peace enforcement or stabilisation role anywhere in the world.

The PIRANHA includes the modular family approach with identical features throughout all vehicle versions. It offers a payload versus gross vehicle weight (GVW), which is unrivalled on today’s vehicle market, with respect to protection levels, internal volume, and constant excellent mobility.

PIRANHA has been developed to take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver class-leading survivability, capacity, and mobility, with low through-life costs and inherent growth capacity.

It is the best fully covered protected 8×8 vehicle available, including next-generation highest levels of survivability against conventional or asymmetric threats (mine, improvised explosive device and ballistic protection), with a modular concept, integrated from the design phase, and fulfilling all battlefield roles. These include infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), armored personnel carriers (APCs), and command.

Denmark has selected this platform after a demanding competitive tender including trials.

PIRANHA vehicles also offer an extraordinary level of cross-country mobility based in the suspension, in combination with a high output power pack, fourth-axle steering, and integrated driver support systems. These ensure the highest level of terrain accessibility and the best agility.

Tracked armored fighting vehicles with high load potential

The ASCOD FoV (family of vehicles) is the perfect answer to the changing tactical challenges of medium weight armored vehicles. It is composed by the ASCOD and the ASCOD. The first, is the latest version of the Pizarro and Ulan and is in service in Spain and Austria. The ASCOD 42 is the selected platform for the UK as SCOUT SV and is now in production.

The ASCOD FoV is an affordable state-of-the-art modular vehicle that has all roles under one platform, ready for decisive action, airborne capable, with a high power-to-weight ratio and growth potential to choose between mobility, fire power or survivability. It is the best in its class protection. It has a worldwide instrument landing system (ILS), designed taking into consideration all its life cycle.

Floating and dry-gap bridge systems

GDELS-Germany’s leading position on the market has been determined by amphibious vehicles, floating and dry-gap bridge systems, with its designs meeting the technical and operational requirements of its users. They are currently in use in more than 20 countries.

With the M3 amphibious bridging and ferrying system and the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB), the company offers today’s most modern and fastest floating bridge systems.

Rapidly Emplaced Bridge System (REBS) is an air-transportable dry-gap bridge for light and medium forces, which provides crossing capability for gaps up to 13m. MTB is a modular, all-purpose solution that provides bridge lengths of up to 8m for maximum loads of MLC40.

Armaments and large-calibre ammunition for military use

The fourth functional division of GDELS includes the design and manufacture of a wide range of armaments and large-calibre ammunition. GDELS-SBS is a world-class centre of excellence in the artillery field. It is currently producing the towed 155/52 SIAC howitzer, which is in service with the Spanish and other international armed forces.

In the missile sector, GDELS-SBS produces, integrates, and assembles many of the components of several state of the art missiles (Spike, Meteor, etc.). In the ammunition line, it manufactures a wide range of large-calibre ammunition (for direct and indirect fire), along with powder and propellants.

Industry-leading customer service

We are famous for our top-quality bridge systems, wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as our industry-leading product and customer service. In this regard, we focus on reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is customised to the individual requirements of the customer-specific mission profile. Experienced and trained staff ensure professional support both during the procurement phase and also in operation and deployment, both in the home country and abroad.

In addition to our own vehicles, we are also a certified repair and maintenance business for other military vehicles.