The Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB) provides wet-gap crossing capability for today’s highly mobile combat forces. It is designed to carry heavy combat vehicles and trucks up to MLC 80(T) / 96(W) as a floating bridge or multi-bay ferry.

Transportable by fixed or rotary wing aircrafts, on trucks and railway cars, the IRB is an essential part of modern combat engineer equipment. It has already proven its superior performance and reliability under various climate conditions, exercises and combat operations.

IRB Performance

  • Construction of a 100m (328ft) bridge in approximately 30 mins
  • Maximum single load of MLC 80(T) / 96(W) for bridges and ferries
  • Operable in water currents up to 3.05mps (10fps)
  • Improved Ramp Bay reaching bank heights up to 2.0m (6ft 7in)