The M3 is the world’s most modern, efficient and fastest amphibious bridging and ferrying equipment in terms of loading capacity, construction time, cross-country and marine maneuverability.

M3 optimises the high availability and the low operating costs of its predecessors by faster mission readiness, higher mobility, a reduced crew of three soldiers and an increased degree of system automation.

Almost 60 years of experience in the field of amphibious bridging systems have lead to a proven basic design with variable equipment modules according to the customer’s operational requirements.

Being successfully tested under tropical and arctic conditions and operated in combat as well as disaster relief operations, the M3 offers the features and performances required of a modern military bridge system. This includes the capability to carry any combat vehicle up to MLC 85T and MLC 132W as a floating bridge or ferry.

Powered by a diesel engine (Euro III standard) and equipped with two water pump jets for marine operations, M3 provides wet gap crossing capability for today’s highly mobile ground forces and a wide range of missions.

State-of-the-art technology, easy handling and supportability and high-system reliability allow the construction of a 100m (328 ft) floating bridge in less than 15 minutes by 24 soldiers only.

Four-wheel drive and two-axle steering, a tyre-pressure adjusting system and a climbing capacity of up to 60% allow M3s to follow combat troops wherever they go.