The PIRANHA follows in the tradition of the proven PIRANHA vehicle concept.

This includes the modular family approach: power pack in the front, right-hand side, central driveline, independent wheel suspension, amphibious capabilities and large useable volume at the rear for weapon stations, equipment and troops.

These features are identical throughout all vehicle versions.

PIRANHA offers a payload versus GVW, which is unrivalled on today’s vehicle market when comparing the protection levels, internal volume and constant excellent mobility.

The PIRANHA family of vehicles offers the features and performances required of a modern, multi-role vehicle, and is well suited to practically any battlefield or peace-keeping / peace-enforcing role anywhere in the world.

This type of vehicle can serve as an armoured personnel carrier or as an ideal platform for a complete range of mission equipment, including weapons systems from small caliber turrets up to 105mm guns for superior firepower.

Another area in which the PIRANHA is a leader is mobility. The PIRANHA class of wheeled vehicles was created to provide mobility that is comparable to tracked vehicles, whilst still retaining its air-transportability feature in a C-130 aircraft.

This was achieved by incorporating a high-performance suspension system, both conventional and hydropneumatic, a GDELS-Mowag-designed height adjustment system at all wheel stations with CTIS and ABS, as well as high power-to-weight ratio power packs.


The PIRANHA is a highly mobile, armoured multi-role wheeled vehicle with a high payload and a large internal volume.

It provides protection against current threats, and its integrated modular and adaptable survivability system can also be tailored to protect against future threats.

The economic Fuel Efficient Drivetrain System (FEDS) and the high-performance diesel engine provide the expected power and cruising range. There is still growth potential in the area of hybrid power boost technology.

The semi-active hydro-pneumatic suspension system with height management allows the highest mobility and provides excellent ride comfort for the crew.

The open vehicle architecture with health / usage monitoring system allows for rapid system integration, data exchange between onboard systems and future growth.