EAGLE 6×6 with the field-proven EAGLE 4×4 forms a new multi-purpose family of vehicles.

Designed to survive on the battlefield, EAGLE protects against the most aggressive conventional and asymmetric threats.

EAGLE is a compact off-road vehicle driven by a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The permanent all-wheel drive is realised with a five-speed automatic transmission and a two stage transfer case.

Running gear features a torsion-resistant frame with suspension struts, De-Dion axles and a patented roll stabiliser.

The De-Dion suspension system combines the advantages of independent wheel suspension with those of rigid axles. Using the patented roll stabiliser, maximum off-road traction is achieved and body roll in curves is eliminated.

A differential gearbox and brake system are mounted on the chassis frame and are part of the suspended mass, which allows comfortable driving.

Since the cabin is isolated from chassis frame and suspension, the noise level in the cabin is low, even when driving at high speeds.

Permanent all-wheel drive, automatic Torsen differentials, automatic transmission and a tire pressure control system allow the driver to concentrate on driving without having to worry about vehicle functions.

The protected cabin (safety cell) with large internal volume is made of high-strength armoured steel. Modular add-on armour made of steel or composite material, offers high protection against mines, IED and ballistic threats, while maintaining a high payload.

EAGLE offers payloads of up to 5,000kg and protected volumes of up to 16 cubic metres.