The increased need for a self-sufficient, gap-crossing capability for ground forces has led to the development of the Viper.

The Viper is an aluminium-constructed modular lightweight bridge for military and civilian vehicles up to MLC 40 that can be connected to form bridge lengths of 4m, 6m or 8m.

The single bridge vehicles can be transported directly onto the vehicle, including light tactical vehicles, and can be easily launched and retrieved from the same or a different vehicle by the crew with a simple adaptor. The launching / retrieving time for a 4m Viper is less than five minutes with four soldiers.

The Viper enables tactical vehicles with no or little-gap crossing capability to enhance their manueverability on the battlefield without being reliant on bridging engineer units, thus not only increasing their maneuverability but also their protection level since it will enable troops to detour potential risk areas.