GDEL’s MERLIN is a swift flyer and skilled hunter. It is a Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) responding to the latest operational requirements of modern Airborne, Special Forces and Light Infantry Forces. The vehicle, designed by GDELS, is based upon the same engineering principles as the EAGLE, which sets the standard in its class.

The LTV MERLIN is an extremely durable, compact, light and robust vehicle platform, which provides superior multi-role, payload potential and protection for its military users. The MERLIN provides unmatched payload range and user space in its 4×4 wheeled vehicle configuration. The compact 4×4 vehicle fits inside CH-47 or CH-53 transport helicopters and can accommodate up to 10 soldiers.

The unique driveline and suspension technology of the vehicle is a derivate of GDELS` proven and in-service DURO / EAGLE 4×4 chassis. Powered by a modern diesel engine, MERLIN provides superior agility, maneuverability and cross-country mobility. Due to the flexibility and versatility of the vehicle body design, the MERLIN can be configured in different variants for personnel transport, ambulance, logistic and combat missions.

With the MERLIN, GDELS is offering a new class of robust military vehicles based on combat proven technology.