Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, BIATEL is an Eastern European leader in the integration of electronics, informatics, electromechanics, optronics and surveillance systems in stationary and mobilile assets.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • Military and special purpose vehicles
  • Communication systems and equipment
  • Personal protection, medical and survival equipment
  • Electrical equipment, batteries and power supply

Our capabilities include complex realization of new projects from conception through to production, as well as modernization of existing solutions. We assure the delivery as well as the installation of specialist equipment and the software, and provide the relevant training for equipment operators.

Mobile C4 (command, control, communications and computers) center

The Red Lion is a powerful mobile C4 center that can collect, manage and distribute data, even at tactical level. It utilizes antennas installed on MCC 12m pneumatic masts and on additional 15m mobile masts. Decision process is assisted by computer systems with access to databases and digital maps, TVs, and by weather stations. The Red Lion incorporates a system that allows for receiving, managing and sending enhanced video, voice, and other technical data from and to units such as UAVs and ground forces.

Mobile surveillance units (MSUs)

The Hunter Eye MSU is an ultra-light, fast and discrete all-terrain special vehicle designed to serve for law enforcement and homeland security applications. It’s wide range of applications include finding, observation and identification of suspicious targets, night and day, within range of 20km in any weather conditions thanks to its mast-mounted thermal video cameras with digital detail enhancement system. Identified targets can then me located on a computer map for coordination with other units. The Hunter Eye MSU can also identify targets using radar.

Sterkom and some screenshots from Cezar system application.
Mobile Surveillance Unit “The Hunter Eye” in one of all terrain version.
Our special hardware and software allows for finding, observation and localization of any suspicious target in big area, during all weather conditions.
Mobile Measuring Station (Windtalker) is able to detect and localize any radio signal.
Mobile Command Center (The Red Lion) during action in terrain.

The Multi Eye is an MSU specifically designed for urban security and police operations. The Multi Eye system incorporates a number of mobile wireless cameras with autonomous power supplies that can be mounted almost anywhere within a 2km radius of the command vehicle.

The Hunter Eye and Multi Eye MSUs can be used in conjunction with UAV’s and numerous monitoring systems.

Mobile measuring stations (MMSs)

The Windtalker MMS is a mobile measurement laboratory for monitoring electromagnetic bandwidth, locating radio emission sources, and execution of special measurements of emission that works within a 20 MHz – 40 GHz frequency range.

The Windtalker MMS’ capabilities include:

  • Detection of any radio signals
  • Demodulation of AM and FM signals (narrow and broadband), as well as aural control of the demodulated signals
  • Recording of the demodulated signals on the hard disc of the MMS’s computer
  • Measurement of radio signaling parameters such as linear polarization, wave’s azimuth, ect
  • Recording measurements on a digital map

The MSS is equipped with specialist measurement hardware and software, direct antennas and a sliding hydraulic mast (16m) with rotors that enable direction change and polarization of antennas or other devices.

High-frequency signals switch systems

The Cezar high-frequency signals switch system can match and control appropriate connections between transmitters and receivers specified by the user. The system is comprised of KOMBIA commutators, a Sterkom controller and rotors. The Sterkom controller together with KOMBIA commutators (both devices by BIATEL SA) are used in situations where signals from different antennas have to be switched to the right receivers (measurement devices, direction finders, etc.), such as the automatic monitoring of the radio spectrum.

KOMBIA commutators are devices for switching high frequency signals ranging from 0GHz to 3GHz. On its inputs appropriate aerials are connected, while receivers are connected on the outputs. Commutators for external applications are resilient to environmental conditions. Maximum damping of the commutator is 1 dB.