Rubb Buildings

Rubb Buildings is an innovative world leader when it comes to the design, manufacture and delivery of relocatable military hangars, military sunshades, storage warehouses and maintenance workshops.

With an assortment of rapid deployment military buildings currently in action across the globe, Rubb has the answer to all your military application needs.

Military aircraft hangars, fixed wing aircraft hangars and military sunshades

The Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) is designed to be rapidly deployed and erected anywhere in the world, providing a robust, reliable and field-maintainable military building to support military requirements in areas of typically difficult terrain and harsh climatic conditions.

Rapid erect military fixed wing aircraft hangar.
Military helicopter hangar (25m Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System).
Fixed wing aircraft shelter with Trident door (20.4m Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System).
Military aircraft and helicopter sunshades.
Military storage warehouses (25m Expeditionary Forces Shelter System).

These rapid-erect soft-walled shelters are also fully demountable for repeated erect, strike and store cycles. Each military aircraft shelter, helicopter hangar, aviation sunshade and military warehouse is constructed using a number of steel fabricated components together with uniquely designed aluminium roof and leg sections, that bolt together to form the span trusses. When assembled, PVC fabric sheets slide between the aluminium extrusions of adjacent spans to form the military building.

State-of-the-art military shelters

EFASS shelters are available in three spans with multiple state-of-the-art door options to accommodate fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft and land vehicle maintenance.

Spans include 11.1m, 20.4m and 25m, with Heli-Door, Trident and Roller Shutter door options.

If required, hangars can be equipped with a 2,000kg gantry crane, facilitating maintenance operations and craft maneuverability around the military facility without additional plant.

Military storage and maintenance buildings

The 25m Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System is large enough to accommodate maintenance of a CH-147 Chinook helicopter without removing the rotors. Rubb military shelters are designed to take full wind and snow loads to UK defence standards.

Military personnel accommodation is available by attaching one of the rapid deployment shelter range, complete with improved insulation, sun screen, ground sheet, polypropylene interlocking floor and electrics, to the universal door port of the EFASS. Rubb’s range of military buildings also provides the ideal solution to storage and maintenance needs in the field. Ventilation and HVAC options provide the ideal working environment in extreme weather conditions.

Design criteria include:

  • Designed to wind loads of VE41.6m/sec (93mph) and 100kg/m² (20.48lbs/²’) snow load
  • To be packed into 20ft ISO containers to allow for all modes of shipment
  • Selection of the highest quality materials to ensure durability
  • Weight management policy to ensure minimal weight of components for shipment and handling by erect and strike crews
  • Standardisation of parts
  • High UV protection

Accessories include:

  • Ballistic protection
  • Lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Aircraft warning beacons
  • Power outlets
  • Dividing curtains
  • Ventilation modules
  • HVAC
  • Single skin
  • Double skin / insulation
  • Foundation bolts
  • Ballast frames

Rubb Buildings was founded in 1977 and has been successfully meeting urgent operation requirements for military organisations since the Falklands conflict.

The EFASS range of military structures is manufactured at the company’s plant in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.