Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico is a UK-based company established in 1997. We are experts in the supply of all field requirements to defence, emergency and humanitarian agencies. We operate two divisions: food and non-food. We have an international reputation for supplying high quality goods and services. Fra Angelico works in partnership with its customers developing bespoke solutions.

CBRN decontamination equipment and products

We are the sole UK distributors of the CRISTANINI SPA range of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) decontamination systems and Ghibli pressure cleaner products. The range of the CRISTANINI ‘CBRN’ decontamination system products are used for the decontamination of personnel, material, equipment, vehicles, buildings and land or terrain. Fra Angelico has recently supplied the UK MoD with Cristanini SPA CBRN decontamination equipment and detoxification products in enhancement of the MoD’s existing CBRN decontamination capability.

Ration food

We supply pre-packed ration packs and ration pack components. Fra Angelico specialises in providing a full range of ration pack components and menus including accessories in different ethnic categories such as vegetarian, Halal, Hindu and Western style. Our ready-to-eat meals and desserts (MREs) are supplied in pouches.

Our food division is a recognised provider of components for the operation ration packs to the Ministry of Defence in various countries.
Fra Angelico is the sole UK distributor of the Cristanini SPA CBRN decontamination equipment and products range.
Fra Angelico is BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified for the supply of tentage, clothing, ration packs, and associated equipment and components to the military.
Fra Angelico supply a range of reliable military tents, covering all temperatures and a variety of applications.
The development of our free standing and cot-mounted mosquito nets was the catalyst for the establishment of our field accommodation division.

Operational clothing – uniform, combat and protective wear

We have many articles of clothing available in disruptive pattern, from trousers, to gloves and headwear. We are flexible with what we are able to supply as our uniforms and workwear are manufactured to client specifications.

Shelter – tents and hangers

The high quality of our shelters allows us to supply both the UK and international agencies, whether they are for an individual or group accommodation.

Shelters for multi-occupancy are all equipped with mosquito net protected doors and windows, and a ground sheet. They have been designed to withstand all climatic conditions and contain features such as insulation to protect against both low and high temperatures, waterproof and fire-retardant fabric.

Tents for single occupancy and small groups have a fully-integrated fly sheet and ground sheet, are ultra-light, wind-resistant and arrive complete with two pre-formed and shock-corded duraluminium poles. We supply hangers for air logistics, warehousing and workshops. They can also be deployed for accommodation and canteens. They are air-transportable and easily stored in containers. Accessories such as doors, windows, power, heating, lighting and flooring are supplied to meet customer’s specific requirement.

Field equipment – air conditioning, lighting, mosquito nets, sleeping mats and bags, back packs and camp cots

Our free-standing and cot mounted mosquito nets are supplied to the UK MoD. The free standing mosquito net has dual compartments; this enables the user to stand while dressing and applying insect repellent. The cot-mounted mosquito net is attached to a general service (GS) camp bed or can be deployed direct on the ground.

The self-inflating mattresses and foam filled mattresses are light-weight and can be folded easily and efficiently, facilitating transportation. The quality of these products is proven by their use in the Italian Armed Forces and the UK MoD.

Our sleeping bags provide comfort and security in extreme environmental conditions and are manufactured in water-proof fabric. We offer different shapes and sizes allowing the user to choose a bag to suit them, i.e. mummy or square type.

The camp cots are heavy-duty and are ideal with their aluminium Frame and steel joints. A carrier bag with a shoulder strap is supplied to allow the cot to be carried comfortably. Our military personal load carrying equipment (PLCE) possess a variety of features to suit the needs of any soldier. All PLCE include MOLLE and can be supplied in various disruptive patterns. Attachable/detachable compartments such as pockets, waist belts and even smaller PLCE, the PLCE can also be fitted to carry a hydration system and are made to accommodate different volumes.

We can also provide heating, lighting and deployable air conditioning systems which are designed to comply with the needs of the armed forces in extreme environmental condition.

Field facilities – containerised units

These portable structures of the PortaCabin or ISO Container type (CSC plated), are fitted with an insulated panel and can be equipped with various fittings such as doors, windows, electric systems, waterworks, air conditioning units, anti-fire system and more at the customer’s request.