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Bulletproof Vests, Helmets and Anti-Riot Suits for the Military Industry

Unithank International is a production, research and sales company committed to providing high-quality protective products.

Room 1007, Weilong Mansion,
No. 1718 Cao’an Road, Jiading District,
Shanghai 201824,

Room 1007, Weilong Mansion,
No. 1718 Cao’an Road, Jiading District,
Shanghai 201824,

Unithank International is a production, research and sales company committed to providing high-quality protective products. Unithank mainly manufactures bulletproof products such as bulletproof vests, helmets and plates, anti-riot products and safety equipment.

The company has a well-established sales system that is perfect for the modern business and provides a host of services to many different organisations. Our production process passed the inspection of the National Ministry of Public Security, China Ordance Equipment Quality Supervision and Test Centre. Unithank products are used by a wealth of different companies, military organisations and police departments located in South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe.

Unithank has a supportive team of staff that includes experts in the material and clothing industry who have spent years in the field and can design practical solutions to your security needs. As a learning-oriented company, Unithank develops staff training programs every year to make sure its team is up to speed with every new development in the industry and also to boost morale and team spirit.

Bulletproof vests for the defence industry

The Unithank bulletproof vest is perfect for VIPs, police officers and soldiers. It has a sleek design, is lightweight for high mobility and comfortable for optimum performance. Unithank vests give the user a reliable ballistic performance, qualified with all levels of US NIJ standard 0101.04. The vests have a quick release system for urgent situations where the user needs to get out of the vest immediately.

Anti-riot suits for soldier protection

The Unithank anti-riot suit can be used for military situations during combat, by the police when dealing with riots or crowd control, or used by soldier when dealing with explosives and bombs.

Unithank has a range of anti-riot suits from lightweight suits, suits designed specifically to prevent stab wounds, and explosive remover suits. All of the anti-riot suits are made from the same high-performance special engineering plastic and EVA, which accounts for their effective anti-riot performance and makes them comfortable, flexible and easy to wear with a large protection area.

The material on the chest and back contains flame-retardant engineering plastics. The time of the protection components is less than 10 seconds after the suit catches on fire. Both the fabric and mesh have the function of flame retarding. The crotch protective layer is protected using hard aluminum alloy sheet.

Bulletproof helmets for military and security applications

The bulletproof helmet can be used for many military and security applications. The helmet consists of a shell, buffer layer, face-piece, neck guard and other accessories. It is lightweight, strong, has an attractive appearance, and a visor with high light penetration and broad view.

The helmet is made of a PC/ABS copolymer material and can protect the user from baton and knife attacks. The internal shock-absorbing foam and top mesh has enough space for ventilation in the helmet. The rubber seal around the helmet can provide effective protection from the weather. The helmets can be ordered in any colour; they are around 540mm – 600mm in size and weigh up to 1.6kg.

Bulletproof shields for the military industry

Unithank manufactures a wide range of bulletproof shields and anti-riot shields. Our range includes hand-held bulletproof shields for the soldier on the move during combat and wheeled bulletproof shields, which are perfect if you want to advance forward and stop at different time. We also have bulletproof shields with small windows for protection when aiming at the enemy and anti-riot shields which can protect against objects thrown at the user, including sharp objects and even acid.

Tiger 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Tiger 4x4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) is produced by Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing, a producer of special-purpose vehicles headquartered in Shaаnxi Province, China.

Unithank International (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Room 1007, Weilong Mansion

No. 1718 Cao’an Road, Jiading District

Shanghai 201824